PSA collectively because 1 to many people reach out to me asking if something is about them. I love y’all but I’m tired of it because every time y’all do that let’s me know that y’all don’t know nor trust me.

It’s tiring.

So this is to everyone.

I can not be ”cautious” with my downloads anymore.

I speak on a host of things, especially the things that are going on in our community and yes, eventually I may say something that’s going to trigger you.

Is it intentional TO THE COMMUNITY? Absolutely.

Is it a direct snub on you? Hell no. That’s not me. I’m direct. If I have something to say directly to anyone I will never hesitate to say anything.

I think this is what baffles me the most because you’d think folks would know this.

I’ve lost friends and family for being direct. It’s still love though. (Being direct doesn’t mean I was right either. However, I ain’t always direct and wrong.)

My post aren’t direct shots at anyone.

I’ve been trying to formulate the words to say this because I really have worked so hard on not muting myself and to me, even though I don’t think people are intentionally trying to mute me, I’ve (ME) still been muting myself from saying a lot of things that need to be said in fear of hurting someone.

So this is my PSA that I will not be doing that anymore. At all.

Spirit is guiding me to SPEAK and I am.

Mother Dear always told me to never hold my tongue let it out and what’s to happen is supposed to happen.

I have the gift of sight. Always have had it and I always will. So much of what I see comes to pass and so much of what I say happens.

I am not meant to please people but to be a voice of reason when no one sees it. And within reason lies a whole lot of honesty.

And the truth is NEVER liked nor appreciated but it’s necessary.

Moving forward, if I do have something directly to say to anyone PLEASE understand I will say it directly.

But on these apps and blogs I will not put disclaimers on my messages.

You should know it’s not about you because you should know my nature. You should know me.

If you don’t trust this then I suggest you go within yourself to determine if I am someone you want to associate with.

Everyone should know my heart and if you all don’t, then maybe I am not in alignment with you. And that is fine.

I hope this message doesn’t offend. It’s never my intentions but this is me being direct to EVERYONE who hits me asking me this. And being honest with myself. I know folks don’t mean anyharm and neither do I but I can’t keep removing post to not offend folks.

That is you feeling self conscious about what I said.

That is NOT ON ME and that’s not my fault.

This is my download which was a DIRECT message from Spirit. “No more safe.”

Safe ain’t transformative for anyone. Nothing game changing happens from safe zones.

Real change comes with facing some hard truths about ourselves.

Trust me. 5 years ago though you could have said, “I wonder if Kilo is talking about me.” And the answer would have been YES because I wasn’t as direct 5 years ago.

I wasn’t who I am today.

I wasn’t where I am mentally then.

So back then, that old Kilo would have been doing exactly that.

If you’re still equating me to her I’m sorry but she’s been long gone.

And I keep evolving and that evolution took a lot of ugly truths about myself to get to.

I’m not about to miss out on my blessings playing it safe anymore. And I want to encourage you to not play it safe either.

You only live one life. Be true to self.

I love you all.

Hey Kilo Cares

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