High Value Men & Women Do Exist. Ya’ll Just Got to Stop SETTLING!

So disclaimer, I’m married but this still needs to be said for my ladies and gents out on the field and giving up hope and feeling like, “Damn maybe I got to settle for some okie doke type of love. Maybe I’m being too much. Maybe I need to compromise a little bit.”

I will kick ya’ll ass. Ya’ll bet not budge on your damn boundaries, integrity, and EXPECTATIONS!!!!!! AT ALL! NONE WHATSOEVER!!!!

High Value Men and Women STILL EXIST!!!!

Fears must be faced and habits must be broken in order to truly find peace, restoration, balance, and most importantly elevation. How can you grow when you are surrounded by things that remind you of who you once were?

It’s a case of entrapment to continuously surround yourself with reminders of the life you have outgrown. Einstein once said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” I like to add to it that these same problems wouldn’t occur if we would eliminate the same distractions that initially cause them.

What does the wise quote say, “expecting change while doing the same thang is insanity.” Or something like that. But seriously it’s true!

We can’t change when we are surrounding ourselves with people, places, or things that bring the worst out of us. I really think that my Dad grew tremendously as a man when he relocated from Kansas City to Dallas. Granted my Dad is as he always is anywhere but Dallas gave him stability that I don’t think he would have been able to capture here in Kansas City.

I believe that environment absolutely can make or break us. Especially if your willpower isn’t strong enough to fight against temptation, lust, and drama. Drama is so overpowering and so easier to get involved with than love and it’s extremely heartbreaking.

I hate that love is so hard for people to choose. I mean it. I say it often but I mean it. Yes, I may have insecurity issues that I am actively working through and honestly may never get completely through however I will never give up on love. I love LOVE. I love it. I need it. Honestly, I feel my insecurities in a sense keep me within humility as well as strengthen my boundaries because I am not tolerant of anything that doesn’t align to who and what I am.

I am of God and loyalty is not an option, it’s mandatory. This new World of dating, no offense to anyone else, but it doesn’t cut it for me. I refuse to believe that there aren’t any folks out there that value monogamy. I see often folks adhering to alternative lifestyles and I just can’t do that.

I get it however. Everyone likes cake in multiple varieties but I prefer loving one man for the rest of my life. I require that love in return.

All I ever wanted in my life was to love and be loved more than I love myself. And to love a man more than he loves himself and to live our lives in bliss and peace. Respectful of each other’s space, time, and differences. Cause I definitely never wanted a “yes man.” Just someone that I can have friendly debates with that wouldn’t let me win but is like awestruck when I do win. Because let’s face it, I’m going to win every debate because I’m fucking brilliant.

Someone to live life as an adventure. Travel the World with. Have a fucking ball with. Raise some kick ass fearless kids that are filled with love, light, and creativity.

Have a great sense of humor yet not be an asshole. Cherishes the ground I walk on.

Wouldn’t hurt me because to hurt me would be to hurt himself.

Someone that could talk out our issues and get a better understanding of each other when we walk away from the table.

Someone that wouldn’t leave when things got heated but would turn to their work or art to escape any problems. And not because I would request it, just because. Just because that’s who they are.

Someone that puts family before everything. Our home, our kids, our lives, our peace, comes before everything.

I value loyalty and integrity above everything in this World.

I will never sacrifice my integrity or loyalty again. Cheating isn’t a part of my nature and the few times I have stooped that low shows how I was always with the wrong person to begin with.

Within my current state of awareness I know without a doubt that I am a high value woman and I require a high value man of honor. I will not settle for less.

I love love too much and I love myself wayyyy too much to ever put myself in a compromising situation that would have the man that loves me more than life itself look at me any differently.

I think back on all the times when I cheated before and just feel sad for the woman that I was. Staying with people that I knew damn well I no longer wanted to be with. Trying to dull the pain of rejection or the pain of being cheated on anyway that I could even if that meant laying down with another man. I always left, yeah walks of shame are real, feeling empty.

Cheating ain’t for me.

You know so often you hear adults say, “I’m human and I make mistakes.” No. No we don’t. We do what we want to do. I didn’t cheat because I got cheated on. I cheated because I wanted to. The temporary feeling I felt, cause oh it’s only within the moment, felt GOODT. And admitting this to myself helped me heal myself so now I KNOW if I cheat now, I’m just an ain’t shit individual. Got to take ownership!

Everything we do in life comes down to choices. BE INTENTIONAL. There’s absolutely no way that we make mistakes as full grown ass adults.(FULL GROWN ASS ADULTS is not a typo either. Say it with your CHEST!) We do what the fuck we want to do. And I’m sorry Men, Women, don’t let NO ONE attempt to use any of these lame as excuses:

“One thing led to another….” – Shouldn’t have been in that position in the first damn place.

“I had been drinking…..” – It’s the ultimate worst excuse. So basically you have no discipline?

“It didn’t mean nothing….” – Bet that nut felt amazing though!

“I don’t remember….” – I bet you don’t! Let me refresh your memory!

Bruh!!!! Ain’t no coming back from that! Just imagine him fucking you TEN TIMES MORE HARDER!!!!! That’s one GREAT ASS MISTAKE BRO!!!!!

So don’t be falling for the okie doke ladies and gents! They be well aware of WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!!!!! The FUCK literally.

I’m not really forgiving anymore. Let me rephrase that, I allow grace because hey that’s just in certain folks nature. So, I won’t drag or beat you down for being who you are. You just won’t be able to fuck me over, at all. You’re just not for me. You’re not my type! And that’s FINE.

I require loyalty with my love AT ALL TIMES! Rather you got a little liquor in your system or you are surrounded by the baddest Amazonian or Brazilian Butt Lift Strippers. I better be at the forefront of your damn mind ALWAYS!

I’m no ones after thought.

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