It’s crazy that I literally made a goal for this year that I would live my life my way.

I’d run my business and wouldn’t let it run me.

It’s happening.

People will think you are moving slow but in all reality you’re moving your own way.

My way isn’t like everyone else’s.

I can’t be a part of the rat race I just want to BE.

I want to help others be.

It’s happening!

Just praying this last piece falls into place.

I still battle imposter syndrome often but the Universe is ALWAYS STEPPING in like the BIG HOMIE like, “Nah you’re ready and since you don’t realize how ready you are here’s another MAJOR OPPORTUNITY for you TO STEP INTO YOUR ANOINTING!”

God continue to MOLD ME and USE ME to BRAVELY tell my life, my pain, my journey, and my healing so that it will forever be an inspiration for others.

Sometimes you gotta lose it ALL to get to where you’re going.

God says TRAVEL LIGHTLY. No baggage, no extra folks that are hindering your growth and development, no outdated habits or beliefs that no longer serve your purpose. You got to PACK LIGHT on your journey at times! You don’t need all that extra WEIGHING YOU DOWN!

Hey Kilo Cares really cares and every day I’m going to keep pushing myself, building into everyone that I touch.

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