Mindset is Everything

Allergies have been wreaking havoc throughout KC these last few days, so much so, yesterday I took the day off to attempt to rest and recuperate.

Today it’s not so much better but I felt good enough to get back to work. I’ve noticed however, for the last day or so I’ve been feeling a heaviness about me as if something were sending attacks or negativity my way and little small things have been occuring that’s been triggering my emotions.

Like this morning A bus driver created a blind spot for me as I was trying to get to work which prevented me from making a necessary turn. After honking my horn a MILLION times for her to just move up a bit, She did only to then turn the corner and my tire pressure light goes on indicating one of my tires is low.

Which is the SAME tire I just got repaired a few weeks ago….. You see, they are doing sooo much construction in my area that It’s literally impossible to bypass it and I’m sure it’s a million and one nails in the damn streets. Let’s not mention potholes. It’s literally DITCH city in KC right now from dating to the streets. I’m OVER it.

So, my Husband, who is literally my peace within all storms calls me and makes my morning and advises me that everything is going to be alright.

“If the tire goes flat Mama, we will get a new one. Woosah, go to work, make you some tea, and reset your morning. It’s going to be alright.”

He’s such a beautiful man inside and out.

I got to work and I read my Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. 4 Agreements Card of the day and it provided me with the comfort and message of just not forcing anything. Everything that is meant to be shall be. We just need to be. We just need to flow.

That’s been a universal message for me for awhile now to just BE. I was telling a few of my Sistars that when I used to stress about losing weight I would never see results. I’d get frustrated because I’d be thinking I’m putting in all this work, I’m eating right, and still I don’t have a Megan Thee Stallion body.

It wasn’t until I started to focus more on WHOLENESS and not vanity that I began to see changes in my appearance. My skin glowed more, my health was better, my energy was restored, and the curves. Lawd the curves just came out of no where. Even BOOBIES!

I remember a friend of mine telling me a few years ago how you can literally manifest anything you want just visualize it and then let it go. Think nothing of it and just continue to do you.

That is absolutely it. The more we stress over something we don’t believe in it. We have layered it with doubt and nothing can spring forth from that.

You got to speak it like it’s happened. Mindset is everything.

I don’t need to stress about anything. It’s going to be just fine. Just think about all the times you felt like you were at your wits end and no solution or help could be seen. Look where you are now.

What has changed for the better?

Did you give much thought to it or did you just make it happen captain?

We literally have so much power within ourselves to make the impossible possible. No need to stress about a thang! Only way to go from the bottom is up so understand that, THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

You will have everything that your heart desires. Just manifest the thought, then visualize it, then let it go.

Something else I’ve realised about manifesting is that you can’t do it on a negative heart. A bitter mind. A love lacked soul. Nah, you have to love thyself and thy neighbors.

Speak life. Do good from the kindness of your heart.

You have to be the reflection that you want to see from the community and don’t do it for instant gratification but do it from your heart.

That’s the ultimate energy of manifesting. Unconditional Love.

Being kind to those that you really don’t align to. Understanding it’s not personal and that you can still wish them well and be cordial. Be there for them if they call on you.

You don’t have to like someone to see them happy or succeed. A blessing for one is a blessing for all so make sure you are always being kind.

I say all that to say though my last two mornings have been off and all over the place with many obstacles occuring in attempts I suppose to slow me down.

Sometimes it’s not NEGATIVITY doing this but even the Universe saying, “Hey honey. I need you to take a moment, slow down, and regroup. I need you to find peace within these hard times. I need for you to KNOW that everything is going to be alright. I need you to have FAITH.”

Sometimes it’s not personal attacks on you, sometimes you just need to breathe and release.. Find some inner peace and chill.

Adjust your mindsight in times of difficulty and KNOW that everything is going to ALWAYS work out in your favor and rejoice.

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