No Morals

Where do you think these inappropriate prom dresses these young girls are wearing that yall keep sharing and being disgruntled about are getting their influence from for the dress?

Social Media

Seeing what adults around them are wearing.

Seeing what the women in their lives do and are wearing.

We influence these babies.

I Don’t care how much you try to say, “I’m no one’s role model.”

You Are you just don’t want to be responsible for the morality you lack.

I hate how being a “free spirit” has been rooted in sexuality or promiscuity when it’s NOT AT ALL RELATABLE.

It was changed to be that way. But it’s not the same thing.

Then we wonder why folks are struggling with self identity because you’re looking CONSTANTLY outside of yourself for approval and validation and that comes from within.

Being sexy does not make nor break you.

You’re greater than that limited mindset because outer beauty fades.

We are literally sending our young girls through self identity crisis and we don’t even see it or care.

Where they feel that to feel beautiful they have to have their ass all out, or wear weave, or get their body done just to feel better about themselves.

And I’ve heard teens say this!

Feel like they have to do anything to get money so they can live the life they want to live in luxury.

Man look at all the drama that goes with these Instagram vixens and models that are on the industry.

Yeah they have riches but most are MISERABLE.

These young male rappers are addicts, rude, and lost. Suffering all types of signs of PTSD that their money can’t remedy!

I read the entire Rolling Stones article about Da Baby killing that 19 year old and I’m like damn how fucked up is it that you have to be in high alarm to think damn, people trying to press me. That’s PTSD.

The parents of the young boy knew he had guns and some were registered to him but he was killed with a stolen gun on him…. Most of us so out the loop we don’t know what are kids are involved in.

Had to check my own child recently for something I saw in his phone cause I’m going to CHECK.

We need morals, integrity, and values because our KIDS and the young minds that look up to us need them too.

We really dropped the ball in our generation in so many ways yet because wealth has been obtained and social validation no one sees that. Y’all just see the glitz and gold and that shit means nothing to me.

Especially if our seeds won’t have a lick of hustle to keep it going.

They just know to floss and get botched surgeries.

What you really installing in the youth?

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