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Some of y’all are still sitting still and stagnant because you’re still being co-dependent on community while The Universe wants you to be comfortable “ALONE” so you can see YOU in all your power, glory, and truth and from there your TRUE SOUL TRIBE will surface. You won’t seek them they’ll find you and you will just KNOW.

Some of y’all are afraid to be ALONE and that in itself is not ok. It makes you desperate to connect and align to just anything and anyone.

And I’m not just speaking in the sense of anything romantic, I’m speaking entire “tribe”. Entire circles. Entire career opportunities. Etc.

It’s too many “tribes” that are really trauma bonds connected through mutual pain, misery, or inflictions.

And through these bonds you’re missing your lessons that are designed to show you this triggered habit you have adapted to that prevents you from being accountable and capable of true inner healing.

This energy then feeds into you adapting to an overly masculine persona when the true energy of right now is ROOTED within BALANCING feminine/masculine energy and softening yourself to be open to what all the universe has to offer you. You can’t be scornful and miserable and expect yourself to be able to manifest. It won’t work!

This is a VERY “SELF NURTURING” period of forgiveness, grace, and gratitude of SELF! Love thyself and know thyself.

Pour into you so that YOU can connect with synergy with others that are just as OPENED and BALANCED as you are.

Not RELYING on their strength but fluid channel of energy that never depletes or drains but is a constant flow.

I’m instantly weary of anyone telling me that “I NEED THEM” when God has SHOWN me that I don’t NEED ANYTHING OUTSIDE OF MYSELF!

Everything I need is already within me and IS GOD GIVING!

If we are of GOD then WE ARE NOT LACKING!

We don’t need to be co-dependent on others.

We don’t need no one to HEAL US.

TRUE HEALING starts within.


Therefore it was YOU that came to the sound conclusion that you needed expertise, right?

It’s YOU that seeks out an herbalist when you’re ready to get advice on healing herbs?


Be WEARY of who you connect with who is saying that they are a healer but aren’t GUIDING you to be ABLE or CAPABLE OF HEALING THYSELF.

You should never be co-dependent on anything outside of yourself for HEALING.

At all!

Be intentional in EVERYTHING that you do.

If I know someone needs to do more inner work I WILL ADVICE THEM OF THAT!

I’m not doing multiple readings for one person that tells me that THEY ARE NOT COMMITTED TO THEIR OWN HEALING!

So I’ll just be taking your money and NOT CARING if you heal or not.

I’m not advising herbs that I know can be hindering to someone that has illnesses and I’m going to first check their nutritional choices before I EVER sell them an herb.

We are going to talk about your intentions and I need you to understand true healing starts on your KITCHEN and the CHOICES YOU MAKE while you’re at the GROCERY STORE.

I’m so grateful that these mask are being pulled off within this very revealing time.

Be weary of the “healers” that are only banking on you but not equipping you of seeing your own light and capability of healing from within.

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