Happy New Moon In Taurus

If you followed through the lessons of the last few weeks you should be floating on cloud 9 today this New Moon.

Some of y’all may not even realized it was the new moon but you just KNEW automatically something felt greater about today.



Inner Knowing was gained this period for you and your children.

Family was put back into the forefront of your heart, spirit, and mind.

Gratitude was felt on 100.

Kindness is radiating in and all around you.

If you’re here get ready to receive ENDLESS BLESSINGS and BREAKTHROUGHS through the following weeks.

The lesson was to realize that yes things may go Hayward and may get out of control, but go with the flow of it and don’t allow it to break you or your spirit.

It’s ok to not be ok, don’t pretend to be anything but how you feel so that you may understand what it is you’re feeling and get to the root of those feelings to sort through it all.

Onky then will you be capable of healing the issue T the root and eliminating any interferences rather internal or external that is blocking you from your ascension.

This is a very peaceful and serene day today for us.

We ALL deserved it!

Yes things maybe moving slow, you maybe back at square one, you maybe starting something new realizing where you once were or the course you were previously on you desire just a little bit more and are wanting something a little bit different, it’s all happening now and as you plant your seeds on today and allow the rain waters to provide nourishment to it prepare yourselves for this blessings to come IN ABUNDANTLY!


Declare it.

Affirm it.

Know it.

Happy New Moon y’all!

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