Know Thyself


Blood Type Dieting


Eliminating Inflammatory Food from your diet goes a very long way.

Everyone is not meant to be vegan/vegetarian


Our genomes have mutated and realigned over centuries for our survival.

A lot of the time ALCOHOL and CAFFEINE be the MAIN disruptive agent that we introduce to our bodies willingly that wreaks havoc on our organs.

I want people to know themselves and always do what’s best for them and not the conditioned best. Truly know what is best for your blood type!

Everyone like myself can not take sea moss.

No matter the form I can not ingest it.

I know plenty of folks who have adverse reactions to it.

Just like most folks take herbs in vain because their dietary habits are not aligned to support the intake of herbs.

Most of the time HONEST REFLECTIONS OF YOURSELVES be the MAIN issue when it comes to your health.

You will excuse your way out of getting better and have become so accustomed to just treating yourselves than eliminating the issues. Like the foods and alcohols you eat.

You get sick then you want a quick fix.

When the reality is it takes time for you to offset your organs/body systems and it’s going to take time to heal them.

Herbal remedies take TIME and consistency to help you overall.

If your herbalist isn’t advising that then you need to go back to your herbalist and encourage them to be honest with you. Don’t give up on your herbalist just continue to inform one another.

Healing will not happen overnight in most cases depending on the ailments.

Education though and advising folks properly as herbalist is KEY because it influences change in homes that will last a LIFETIME.

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