What’s in Your Gut!

So, I know I said I wanted to do a blog on blood type dieting but I got through it and as I was explaining the importance of knowing our blood type and I got to breaking down how the food gets digested it really struck out to me that the GREATER thing that folks need to understand about ourselves is our :


Our GUT FLORA!!!!!

How our bodies are literally composed of 90% bacteria and only 10% of human DNA.

I can even speak on the importance of BREASTFEEDING OVER FORMULA FED INFANTS based on the baby getting a stronger gut flora from the Mother’s human bionome than that of a formula fed child.

You don’t find it odd that most formula fed children are more than likely to have digestive issues and deal with constipation?

Your pediatrician will say it’s because they aren’t getting enough fiber which is true because the formula isn’t formulated with the RIGHT active bacteria that’ll produce lactic acid in the gut which then creates healthy gut bacteria that breaks down waste in their tummies and intestines instead of clumping together with the lack of the acid present thus causing constipation.

Understanding our human microbiome is way more beneficial than ANY diet you could think of because our GUT is more in control of our body than we give it credit for and is really our SECOND BRAIN.

Recent Scientific Studies have shown that that there is a direct connection from the gut to the brain that actually can control mood and can contribute to illnesses like anxiety and depression.

Other illnesses that have been linked to an unbalanced and unhealthy gut flora is diabetes, arthritis, and high blood pressure and heart disease.

When we think about the foods we eat absolutely knowing what’s beneficial to not only our blood getting oxygen to carry our red blood cells through our body is absolutely important we also need to ensure that we are eating foods that promote healthy gut flora.

Herbs that I pair in my power blend tea, turmeric, ginger, and pepper help to activate the gingerol and curcumin (turmeric) which positively affects the bacteria in your gut as well as offers anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help to heal or balance your body.

While inflammation is the key response of our immune system at the first sign of trauma in the body by inflaming damaged tissues to prevent anything from spreading to the good tissues, if we are eating harmful foods like way too much sugar and processed foods that isn’t beneficial to our body it causes more trauma to our systems thus causing an overproduction of inflammation through the body.

When sugar breaks down in our body and gets into our bloodstream because it’s just too much to dissipate before getting into the gut and there’s not enough lactic acid present to further break it down, it then travels and enters into our bloodstream. In the blood, sugar acts as glass thus cutting as it travels through leaving trials of inflamed tissues which then puts our immune system into OVERDRIVE. This is where diabetes comes in or potentially other autoimmune deficiencies due to the insurmountable amount of trauma THAT WE CREATE OURSELVES due to the foods we are eating.

Trust me I am suffering right now but I am back on it this weekend. Join me

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