What’s in Your Gut pt 2


It takes two years for a human to fully develop a healthy microbiome of bacteria that controls our Digestive System and 90% of our Immune system.

What a child eats within the first two years of their life MATTERS.

The most healthy gut organism that a child can get is through their Mother’s BREASTMILK.

BREASTMILK contains unique sugars that help feed the bacteria in that babies gut that helps to feed, thus form the babies microbiome which helps
To strengthen its immunity. There is no milk alternative that helps with keeping your child’s gut healthy.

Our gut health is vital to our OVERALL wellness.

Our gut is literally our bodies second brain and science has proved so many dope things about it and how it is connected to our brain and the central nervous system.

You literally are what you eat.

Everything has bacteria on it.

So no matter how much you soak up and soak off those greens and cabbage every Sunday or holiday it’s still going to have bacteria on it.

And some of this bacteria you’re going to need and others well let’s just hope you have enough of the right bacteria inside of you that mitigates and breaks down the food ingested to help support your white T cell production to fight off the bad bacteria.

This is truly the reason why it’s important to eat healthily.

The more fast food you eat the more fast food eating bacteria you will introduce to your system eliminating the need to have the good bacteria in your gut. However the more healthy fibrous foods you eat the more the healthy loving bacteria in your body will be supported and kept and the more you eat the more that bacteria will send signals to your brain to supply that food source.

So, I hear often from my clients that they get one thing of sugar and it’s like hard to stop once they start and this is why.

Our guts bacteria has been studied and it has been proven that the bacteria in your gut has a way of influencing your brain through cravings.

Coolest shit.

When your gut is at dis ease it will progress and create diseases.

Gut health has been linked to literally every disease from diabetes, multiple sclerosis to heart disease, autism, depression, asthma, eczema, cancer, anxiety, and obesity.

Over the weekend I got to speak at the Mind, Body, and Soul Women’s conference and it was a whole vibe.

I spoke on how we need to invest not only into financial wealth but into our overall wellness through digestive health.

Through Intentional Wellness you’re capable of reversing the effects of poor eating and mitigate stress by being honest about your dietary decisions.

It’s time to take back the control of your cravings.

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