At Ease

I am a firm believer that wellness comes to us naturally when we are completely at ease. What do I mean when I say at ease? When we are completely happy, stress free, worry free, and just at peace. With that sense of ease you’re capable of maintaining healthy boundaries that aren’t riddled with fear or isolation. You radiate that blissful energy and those that resonate to it come towards you and those that aren’t aligned, well, they keep their distance.

With so much stress factors surrounding us from our interpersonal relationships, cost of living, and environmental stressors, I know that being at ease can sound a little far-fetched, however even during the darkest of hours with a few practices of awareness you too can defy the odds and come to a place of equilibrium.

Would you like to know my steps of how I work on being at ease?

Let’s go:

  1. Sitting Still – By far this has to be my favorite thing to do when I feel like the World is just not making sense. I tune everything out. No music. No books. No company. Just me and God. I light one of my intentional candles. Rub on some of my frankincense, sage, and myrrh infused olive oil. (My handmade blessing oil) Light an incense, sit in front of my alter and just allow God to speak to me. I feel like in these moments I hear God the clearest. I love starting off every morning like this just to feel that connection and that light flow through me. I give thanks to my Ancestors of benevolence and my Star Family and guides for their love, protection, and direction in my life.
  2. Eat Well – Gut health plays a major part in mood. I know when I am eating way too much sugar and snacks because my mood is HIGHLY affected. I get antsy and irritable on a sugar high. I don’t like it. Detoxing to purify my liver and kidneys helps a lot. Afterwards in the Spring and Summer months I tend to eat more fruits, berries, and leafy greens to support my gut health. Daily shots of fire cider and a tablespoon here and there of sauerkraut helps to mitigate harmful bacteria in my gut which helps me to feel as well as look good.
  3. Get outdoors- I come alive in the Spring. Being outside is my JOY. I get in my garden bare hands, sometimes, and barefoot and I just spend hours out there just enjoying the breeze and the connection with the Earth. There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing that you have grown something from a seed and seeing it bring forth veggies and fruits for you and your family to be nourished by. It’s everything to me. Even taking a nature walk for foraging, sitting out along the bank of a lake and just chilling. Joey and I love to cloud watch laying on our backs just staring and noting the shapes.
  4. Reading- Expand your mind. I love to read and I have always been an avid reader since I was a child and I will pretty much read anything. Except smut and books that don’t have a purpose. Like I can read a hood tale as long as it has a dope underlying message. But if it’s just smut and gang ish with no moral compass or dignity, no message, I’m not reading it. I tried to reread “Fly Girl” and “Coldest Winter” ever as an adult and I hated it. Never read the sequels. I typically go back and forth between books but I have a Summer reading list I’m compiling of books that I already have that I haven’t read and audiobooks that I need to get through. Currently reading STILL, “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life Volume 1” by Dunvalo Melchizedek. Audiobook I’m listening to is “Gathering Blossoms Under Fire” by Alice Walker who wrote “The Color Purple”.
  5. Getting alone time- Though I am pretty much an antisocial extrovert, I still have a ton of friends that I love and admire. But boy ol’ boy do I LOVE my time alone. I love it. You have to spend time alone to truly know what makes your heart sing. I wholeheartedly believe that. I have the greatest understanding of myself because I am alone a lot of the time.
  6. Spending time with those that you love – And while being alone is fine and dandy I also love to be with those that I love the most too. I set time aside to make sure I spend time with each of my sons and have time with my Husband. Lately my homegirls and I have all been so swamped that we are literally scheduling in time with each other. When we link it’s like just when we left off.

For the most part these things and more bring me so much peace of mind. I hope that it helps you to better mitigate stress. In addition to these steps I also ensure my daily intake of herbs and a boatload of water. I drink half my weight in ounces of water a day if not more since I do actively use herbal remedies.

If you are interested in booking a consultation with me to help set out a foundational plan to easement for you book today.

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