Christ Is Consciousness

Ask me why do I say that Christ is Consciousness before crucifying me. (pun intended)

I grew up in the Church all types of denominations and I never felt complete.

I never felt connected or in line because I saw too much.

Energetically, spiritually, and emotionally.

I created a connection with God on my own finally and that’s when truths started to be revealed.

That’s when things started to make sense to me.

I had my period of time when I distanced myself from faith entirely. I didn’t have faith in anything yet alone myself.

I longed for love outside of myself and was never fulfilled.

I doubled back and started reading the bible and other turn of the century religious text from the Quran, the Torah, Kemetic, and Hindu teachings and things started to just MAKE SENSE.

It’s all within.

We walk around every day looking outside of ourselves for salvation when all that comes from within.

I’ve went through all these stages of religion and spirituality. Literally studied every religion and spiritual practice. I actively practice hindu meditations and kemetic principles daily.

Our faiths shouldn’t be limited, in my opinion. It’s all the same thing once you break them all down. Has the Bible been used to oppress us? Absolutely. But what in life isn’t used as a weapon or a tool to oppress people. Money is used the same way and has always been and will always be yet you can still find it beneficial to live a good life.

When I say Christ is Consciousness I am not omitting the fact that white supremacy has used Christ name in vain. Christ isn’t a person and if people really knew how to READ between the lines of the Bible they would see it’s all a parable of the physiological makeup of our temple. ALL RELIGIONS ARE.

They explain how we need to go within ourselves and HEAL from within and only that way are we capable to then RISE UP ABOVE this 3d world and truly connect to Source/God/The Most High whatever you want to call it.

Christ is Consciousness. Has nothing to do with a figure, a person, a place, a thing, a person. The sooner folks realize that the more they could really apply the messages to their lives to rise above.

Christ is already in each and every one of us and it’s on us to tap into Christ and live christ like. Everything else has been watered down renditions and that’s why folks keep falling short of grace. All these different faiths praying to the same ONE GOD.

Cause there is only ONE CREATOR.

I really don’t care what folks believe in as long as they are doing the work within and living as God intends for us to live. Walking with unconditional love. That’s why a lot of us are still falling from grace. The whole World.

In my opinion.

Christ is Consciousness it’s literally ALL consciousness. I don’t even try to convince anyone anymore but I’m going to speak my truth about it. It’s liberated me. I’m no longer angry.

I can read between the lines of the bible and find solace in the words and not confusion. It’s not meant to entrap but uplift. Like anything in History it was taken out of context and used to oppress and imprison folks but if you know that you’re reading a guide just like with astrology you will see that it’s a physiological map that can uplift and resurrect us to our God Consciousness. Just like the Torah and the Quran can or any religious book once you look at it from a superconscious level.

Some people may never be there but this 3d is dissolving and a lot of these conversations of higher thought are happening now more than ever. So, soon everyone will see this and anyone still stuck in slow mo will get consciously left behind.

We are our OWN saviors.

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