Summer Hair Yes We Care. Protective Styles That Are So Easy a Caveman Could Do Them!

Outside of being a Black Beautiful Woman, Wife, Mama, Herbalist, Creator, Blogger, and attempting to be Vlogger, I’m also a Licensed Cosmetologist.

Yes, that’s why my hair is always changing like the weather in Kansas City.

I’m all about haircare and protective styling. And it’s literally NOTHING that a good ol’ youtube channel can’t show you how to do!

So, I want to create a list featuring some of my favorite Youtube channel tutorials on easy, breezy, protective styling that anyone could do.

It’s one thing about black women that I love, we can literally make something out of nothing and it’s so much we can do with our hair canvas!

And like I said, I’m a stylist and what I’m super serious about is maintaining the health and longevity of our tresses. While there are some folks who only care about a cute style, there are those like me that want to ensure ya’ll have edges even when we are laying on our way on yonder to the “UPPER ROOM”, and yes I said that in my Eddie Murphy from “Life” voice.

Seriously don’t sacrifice your edges for NO one or the state of your hair. Ok? Ok.

Without further ado, here are some of my favorite youtube tutorials when it comes to protective styling.

Number 5. The Rubber Band Braiding/Twist/Faux Loc method

This is by far the most easiest thing in the WORLD to do for all my grip challenged folks out there. The greatest thing about it is it really last a while and doesn’t damage your hair AS LONG as you don’t wound the rubber band too tight. Please don’t wound it up a million times around your hair. They also have the anti breakage rubber bands which I HIGHLY recommend!

This tutorial is really awesome! You can do jumbo, or even smaller using this same method and includes all the products that the Stylist used.


Ya’ll this style is UNDER $5 and is like THEE SHIT! And really only take MINIMUM HEAT! It’s soooo bomb! She provides thorough details which I love and she gets right to the point. I don’t know why folks be doing monologues for their videos and I truly enjoy when they don’t!

This is also a fave of mine because she doesn’t use bobby pins which heart like hell!

Ain’t it FIRE! Yes Mam!!!!

3. No Braid Crotchet Hairstyle

Yo I thought I saw it all, clearly not! Like I LOVE this one soooo much! There’s always someone that creates a technique that I be like why the hell did I NOT think of this before! It’s SOOOOO easy to do and there is no leave out and it looks so freaking natural! And most importantly I LOVE that she emphasizes moisturizing your hair before styling!!!! As a stylist I have to say this is SUPER important!!!!

GIRLLLLL SHE THREW DOWN DAWG!!!!! I can’t WAIT to show this to my Sister! WHEW BRAVO SIS BRAVO!!!!!

2. Knotless Braids

Another technique that I was like, WHY THE HELL DID I NOT THINK ABOUT THIS IN THE 90’s!!!! WHEW so many painless nights could have been had!!!! And knotless braids are so easy to do! You don’t have to be a freaking braiding genius to get this down it’s SOOO easy and they look sooo natural!

I love how she takes her time explaining this! So dope! Thanks homegirl. This was the video as well as help of my braider BTwice!


You can NOT go wrong with a dope ass, hydrated ass, curl popping ass, wash n’ go! They are literally EVERYTHING!!!!! Especially when you stretch and shape it! LORDT! It’s EVERYTHING!!!!!


And it’s even doper with my Hey Kilo Cares Fenugreek Twist Cream! Which you can get right here!

Alright I hope this was beneficial! I can’t wait to see you all GLOWING and FLOWING this Summa22! Let’s get it LADIES!

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