Nothing New Under the Sun

Any time someone tells me my spiritual beliefs are new age I hit them with Historical FACTS.

Go look up the Egyptian religion group known as the Copts who were the very first groups of Christians. There were also affiliated with the Druids, and Essenes who also practiced a similar belief structure of ONE GOD and Consciousness through balance and meditation. Their coptic symbol is in similar to a cross and their presence from cave drawings to even drawings can be found in the temples dedicated to Seti I at Abydos.

Nothing new under the Sun.

Which is ironic as King Akhenaten was the first Pharaoh who introduced the reality of 1 GOD and they worshipped the Sun as he knew early on that it was the Sun that was vital to the existence of life in this world.

I’m going to talk about my philosophies more in Season 3.

Dig deep into breathwork and meditation and how through balance and unconditional love we are capable of reaching Christ Consciousness.

June 1st I’m coming in hot all around the board ya’ll!

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