Hey Mama’s, Change Begins Within You!

Hey Ladies. This blog is just for you. You’re amazing, you’re loved, and you are full of love. This conversation is because Mama’s, you are the hearth of the home. You nurture, you cook, you heal your family, you are the caregiver, and the nurturer.

Healing of your home really begins with YOU! By healing yourself, you will then inspire the changes to occur within your home and HEY if not you continue on focusing on your own inner healing and serve as the example of the change you’re wanting to see within your home.

My 14 year old Micah had been dealing with a severe case of Anxiety and I knew that if I could adjust his diet that I could help him alleviate his symptoms. When one is stressed symptoms of a “nervous gut” becomes present. These symptoms included the runs, painful cramping, muscle spasms throughout his gut and lower back, and legs, frequent flatulence, and sweating to name a few. I knew that he needed to eliminate processed foods, sugars, and introduce more fermented foods, protein, and vegetables into his system.

And that’s what we did and he’s feeling absolutely AMAZING! Within a few days of adjusting his diet, getting him back on herbal supplements, and having him detox from social media, his game system, and having him spend more time outdoors has helped tremendously.

So much so this has adjusted our entire home. Literally all the boys are now adapting to a diet resemblant to the Mediterranean Diet but mostly a large emphasis of introducing Fermented foods in their diet, making vegetables the main dish, oats, and adding about 4 ounces of protein per meal. With growing boys they still require meat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I have never been huge on snacking for them, but lawd knows I love French Fries and Dark Chocolate with sea salt and caramel (yes lawd), but I’ve gone years without any of that and will continue to do so.

They pushed back just a bit but they are filled with so much more energy and Micah’s skin/pores used to be so clogged and he got blackheads so bad, well, it’s subsiding and going away.

Eating healthier and changing our families relationship with food starts with us PUTTING OUR FOOTS DOWN! Putting wellness over unhealthy attachments to food. Food is literally correlated to some of the top diseases in our World today from Diabetes to Heart Disease.

“When the diet is wrong then medicine is of no use. When the diet is correct then medicine is of no need.” ~ Ancient Proverb

Why do we wait until we get sick to try to remedy the sickness instead of eating correctly to prevent ourselves from getting sick at all. That’s what’s better.

We need to understand what foods are best for us and what aren’t. Learning and understanding our Microbiome is MAJOR to ensuring our gut has the support from the foods that we eat to remain in balance and help not only improve digestion, but our mental health, and immune wellness.

Gut health is vital to our overall wellness.

There is a direct connection from the gut to the Central Nervous System, so much so, that Scientist refer to our guts as our “Second Brain.”

How does the gut affect our mood and overall wellness you might ask?

Our microbiota of the gut, aka gut flora, is full of bacteria that can be either beneficial to digestion or a hindrance.

What inhabits your gut is DIRECTLY UNDER YOUR CONTROL!

If you eat BS then BS bacteria will over populate your gut and create an microbial population that welcomes and facilitates disease.

But don’t be afraid, you can reverse it!

Introducing Probiotics to your body which is full of millions of GOOD bacteria is a start. But you must also nourish them by eating PREBIOTIC rich foods and herbs that NOURISH and encourage your good bacteria to thrive!

Eat: Fermented foods (miso, kombucha, and sauerkraut) , yogurt, herbs with cucurmin content, veggies, berries, and foods high in fiber!

Avoid: Processed food (includes processed vegan food), sugars, wheat, caffeine, and other highly inflammatory foods.

Reclaim your guts time by showing it love, nourishment, and support through what you stuff in your pie hole!

Your body will reward you with a happy mind, body, and heart.

And take that knowledge and supply this same healing to your family.

We have to reconfigure our conversations about wealth and include Health Is Wealth TOO!

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