Learn Herbalism With Kilo Sade

You don’t have to go to an Herbalism Academy or through ANYONE to practice being a Herbalist.

Most of the greatest Herbalist I know or studied under were SELF TAUGHT.

I invested into myself however because I want to be able to teach and teach BROADLY and ACCURATELY. Not selectively on the few herbs I utilize.

I don’t want to only know about Valerian root being a nervine that’ll help with someone wanting to sleep easier at night especially when there are contraindications and a more effective mild herb for them would be Hops.

I never interfere with anyone’s journey into Herbalism. I believe that EVERYONE would benefit having herbal knowledge and wisdom.

That’s why I stopped referring to myself as a healer. I’m only responsible for healing myself as I believe that each and every one of you are solely capable of healing yourself. Never be codependent on someone else to HEAL YOU! Know THYSELF.

I am an Educator and I want to ensure that I am teaching folks responsibly and with all the knowledge and wisdom that I have. Rather it was passed down to me or learned during my studies and soul journey.

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