Healing Journeys

Healing isn’t about eliminating your Ego and just solely embracing your shadow it’s embracing every aspect of you.

Identifying your triggers and their origins accepting them, embracing them, releasing, or finding peace with them.

Healing is unconditionally loving yourself and giving yourself grace.

It’s controlling your emotional responses to things that bother you or people that bother you and digging into why they bother you in the first place.

HEALING IS PERSONAL has nothing to do with those around you but how YOU navigate through this experience called life.

You will never stop going through this journey but you become a pro navigating through it.

This shit comes with age. Things I tripped about at 26 I don’t care or even remember at 36 and by 46 I won’t give a damn about any of the shit I’m currently experiencing now.

That’s the beauty of LIFE.

By 56 you’ll be sitting on a beach bumping into a girl that slept with your man and feeling nothing but love and peace to be in a space as beautiful as your life is. Hell you may high five her.

What I’ve realized with loss is that nothing is by chance everything is by design. We never really lose anything we always gain perspective.

I have gained so much perspective about MYSELF within the last 5 years.

I have embraced my ego and my shadow and I am STILL actively working on unconditional love of self and other’s.

Triggers still flying at me but I’ve been breezing through most of them like an Eagle and then there are times where shit be having me messed up but the beauty is I see it and catch myself and I am not above redirection from my Higher Self or my tribe.

For that I am grateful.

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