Rise in Autoimmune Disorders post COVID19 Vaccine

I said sometime in 2020 while we were creating the RemedyKC fair that the virus was going to disrupt not only folks Respiratory System but that it would directly affect folks Endocrine System and Central Nervous System.

I got on a Clubhouse and went back and forth with a Doctor in regards to folks getting vaccinated too many times and he dragged me and threw his credentials at me which made me study even harder:

My argument:

Each vaccination dosage is the same. They are not injecting you with a booster it’s just the vaccination again and again, same dosage. In which he agreed with me on that.

Getting that many vaccines back to back will absolutely push your natural immunity into overdrive causing it to overwork itself which will then cause the system to crash and burn. (He criticized me and said that we aren’t computers but in all actuality our bodies are more electrically charged than anything that can be plugged in. KNOW THYSELF)

I asked him wouldn’t it be safer to 1. Get 1 to 2 vaccinations and then PROMOTE a healthier Lifestyle VERSUS getting 3 to 4 vaccinations and potentially developing an autoimmune disorder?

He told me that would not occur that the antibodies in the vaccine can only stay in your system for a period of time and this is why it’s important to get multiple boosters to help boost your system.

That made absolutely no sense to me.

I think 1 to 2 Vaccines were fine and anymore was Immunity Suicide.

I have 3 customers and 1 friend that is battling low platelets and being diagnosed with Thrombocytopenia out of NO WHERE.

No previous health issues, all were up to date prior to COVID and the Vaccine, even one of their Doctors believes it was the vaccination that caused the issue. They had 3 shots.

Most folks that I know that only have had two that are living a holistic lifestyle are fine.

I am not anti-vaccination at all but I’m mentioning this for folks who are pro vaccination that bullied, dogged out, and ridiculed the holistic community in regards to their fears about getting vaccinated as if their fears were not justified.

Some of you even wished illness and death on them and for that I distanced myself from a ton of you.

I will never look at you the same.

As of January 2022 there have been so many studies that I have been reading on the rise of Autoimmune disorders and the potential link to the vaccination.

I am not saying the vaccine did not do it’s job. It absolutely did. It helped to dilute your symptoms but it did not stop the spread of the virus as the virus is still spreading. The severity of it however, is not as high as it was yet and still people are dying from COVID still today.

It still saddens me that governments and health officials are refusing to push the importance of nutritional wellness and herbal remedies and continue to dispute that they are not enough EVEN THOUGH the vaccination has proven to also not be enough.

We have to be more conscientious of our health and wellness.

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