Esoteric v Exoteric Biblically Speaking

Y’all read the word and still don’t comprehend or understand any of it.

Most of your Pastors if Not all of them don’t either. If they did you wouldn’t be and they wouldn’t allow you to be so dependent upon them or anything outside of you for your OWN salvation.

The Bible right along with every other religious text
Is allegorical and speaks on rising WITHIN ONESELF to connect with God.

Every faith.

Every last one.

The four horses are the four seasons, the evolution and changes that occur in each to bring forth new life.

If you don’t realize how ONE we are with the Universe and you keep looking outside of yourself for salvation when God THE ONE TRUE GOD has equipped you with everything you need to find peace within yourself.

Y’all literally will take the Bible out of context making it exoteric when it’s all esoteric teachings.

You really are getting left behind if you don’t realize this sooner or later.

We are one with the universe that GOD created. We are not above or beyond anything.

That’s fact.

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