Getting Back to My Rootz

Currently Centering myself

As I create new space to move freely through my life without distractions, I’m realizing that all the questions and uncertainty that I’ve always had was created by the distractions I needed to distance myself from.

This morning I woke up and meditated, pulled my cards for the day and got further clarification that I was indeed on the right path. Honestly, I’m not questions it at all and have truly made my mind up. My card was the 9 of Knives upright. Main theme: LETTING GO.

Crazy that I had already entitled my podcast from yesterday evening the same thing and even blogged about it. It’s like my Ancestors are proud of the direction I am going. Even right now as I look out the window there is a red Cardinal perched on a branch sitting there as a reminder that I am always, ALWAYS covered and protected. There is absolutely nothing to fear. Continue on your way love. You are guided, loved, protected, and supported.

Today’s affirmation is one of happiness. I am happy. That’s it and that is all and I just wish this peace and happiness on everyone I encounter today and the rest of my days. May my light shine bright and provide warmth and hope to others.

Getting back to my rootz is me declaring that I am ready to further advance my education on herbal remedies physiologically as well as metaphysically. Understanding my heritage, my people, their powers, and their stories.

I recently discovered that we are descendants of the Paiute Tribe. My Great Great Grandmother, Mother Dear, Othella Luster’s father was Johnny Moore. For years my Grandma Gwen has been attempting to track down our roots and for some reason when it came to the Moore side she couldn’t find anything. I figured I’d give it a swing to see what I could uncover and oh what did I find.

Johnny’s real last name wasn’t Moore, it was Moon. Mother Dear always told us her Father was a tall Native American but you know in our community everyone always says that have Native American ancestry which I’m sure we all do but never did I think it was that direct. That profound. Finding this we were able to find all of his 15 brothers and sisters. His Mother, Cora Moon. His Father Benjamin Moon.

And I’m just grateful.

So, I’m choosing to dig deeper into my rootz and one day I plan to go to the Paiute Tribe and figure out what I can do to help give back my time and learn my heritage. Learn the native tongue and live amongst my people. One day. That is my goal.

Next I want to track down my Husbands family tree too.

Hopefully inspire my sons to tag along with me on the Paiute Trip. I already know Josiah is down.

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