Letting Go

My Eggplant is growing and so am I….
Check out my new podcast episode, “Letting Go”.

I did it y’all. I’m letting social media go!

I have had enough of it.

I’ve been addicted to social media for so long y’all from AOL chat rooms, to yahoo voice chat, to black planets g spots, and MySpace music. I’m hanging up my social media cape. Put a fork in me I AM DONE!

I just want to BE. Be mindful, be present, be loving, be kind, be here, be there, be grateful, and just BE. That’s it. That’s all.

Just allow my energy and my words and my products speak for themselves.

I’m just grateful.

It took me awhile to admit and face this major fear! Admitting our addictions is HARD! I would make so many excuses as to why I needed social media. Ha! So many.

Not anymore.

So yeah this is where you can find me.

I love it here.

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