Spirituality, Faith, & Freedom

African Americans hold on to this false notion that we don’t have a history. That we are a lost tribe of people with no motherland or no where to go. America’s standard of History is what it is and that’s just enough for us. Learn what they teach and question nothing.

African Americans need to know and understand that our history doesn’t begin with the shackles being placed around our necks, on our wrist, or on our ankles at all. Our History predates the shackles that they have placed on our minds. It is the MIND that limits you. It is the MIND that has been designed to stay CLOSED and prevent you from seeing the true power that you have WITHIN.

It’s really time that we stopped fearing the one thing that will set our people mentally free. We have so much power within us and it’s up to us to go within and tap into that inner power and truly feel what freedom is.

“Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” ~ 2 Corinthians 3:17

Now I know there will be folks saying, “how can she quote scriptures and it’s religion that has corrupted our people for so many years. It’s religion and control that’s kept us in chains?” Easy. What is Christ to you? Is it a figure that’s waiting for the right moment to descend from the sky and heal the World and make it a better place OR is it a seed within your mind laying dormant waiting on YOU to go within yourself and do the inner work necessary to lift up the necessary oils that will then resurrect and open you up to Source or connect you to his Father (God, Source Energy, Breathe of Life, Whatever you want to call it)?

Like all religious text, the bible is full of allegories and physiological references that will show you how to rise your kundalini energy up above to anoint the seed within your mind that will then connect you to THE ALL. I am capable of quoting scripture because I see it for what it is. I know what it is. I’ve gone and still go within myself to connect with THE ALL. I am a true representation of what it is that I am speaking.

The Bible isn’t the enemy.

We are our own enemy and as long as our minds stay closed to the truths that are right in our faces and continue to make excuses in our lives we will forever keep looking to the hills for whence our help comes in vain. For our help, our redemption, our savior is already within us.

Everything is of the MIND. Christ is nothing but Consciousness.

People tell me all the time that they are avid readers, or that they have studied all the religions of the World. And yet and still they have biases and prejudices towards other denominations of faith. I’m like, how? How are you Christian but denouncing the spirituality community? How are you constantly screaming about folks worshipping the devil but you’re Christian do you not know your own faith? How are you denouncing Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.? How and you’re studying and reading into other religions.

They are ALL physiological references that show one how to connect with nature, with the Universe, with THE ALL. Every last one of them.

The Egyptians knew this. The first Muslims knew this. The first Christians knew this. The Buddhist KNEW THIS. All of these religions are literally the same expression or thought manifested in various ways of thinking but they all are speaking to YOU going within yourself and finding peace, balance, harmony, love, empathy, acceptance, validation, adoration, and so much more within YOURSELF. By becoming ONE with ourselves and loving ourselves unconditionally, we are thus capable of spreading that same love, that same oneness with EVERYTHING around us.

I have heard so many disses to me. I worship the devil. There is no devil. I worship new Gods, There is only one God, Source, All but many different representations of it. Go within and detach from these unhealthy attachments that you have been conditioned to connect with. Go within.

When it comes to spirituality and religion I have always been someone that pays attention to how one treats others of different faiths or backgrounds/beliefs. I don’t care how devout you are or how much of the Word you think you know if that is not reflected in your nature and how you treat and move with people then everything you’ve memorized is in vain.

To crucify, damn, punish, curse, speak ill on those who are doing everything within their right to be at peace no matter what they believe in shows nothing to who they are but absolutely speaks to your heart or lack thereof.

Anyone at peace will speak nothing but love on another despite their difference of beliefs. They will not attack them. They will love them and have a deep inner feeling of awareness to them. Despite their differences of belief they have love flowing to and from another and that is of GOD.

Getting back to my rootz and walking boldly within my truth and freedom of expression I’m able to realize how much Hoodoo has impacted my upbringing. How much our families learned these amazing traditions in secrecy without even realizing what we were passing down.

Today as I was looking for charcoal incense holders I’m hit with deja vu. “Mother Dear had so many of these little holders in her home and she never told me what they were.” So, much of the wisdom she inherited she let go do to going through the motions of life and society over the years. I’m fortunate to learn a lot from her especially with herbs and gardening but when it came to understand why she had horseshoes over the entrances and cast irons to prop the doors, why she had brass here and there I had no idea. She would say keep a horseshoe at the entrance or a broom up turned to keep away negativity. But she never dived into WHY?

These are practices that I am relearning and understanding so that my sons are equipped and not ashamed to speak on. I am not ashamed about practicing Hoodoo at all. It has liberated me and given me a newfound respect on life and religion that I did not have before. I too used to be so angry with religious text and religion being so divisive until I found the true ESOTERIC meanings within them. Now I know.

“As above so below; as below so above.” ~ The Kybalion

It is way past time that we go within and begin the true revolution. No the revolution will not be televised it is WITHIN. The Resurrection won’t be trumpets blazing it’ll be healing WITHIN.

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