Off the Grid

I’ve taken a social and social media hiatus. I’m ok y’all I just needed this time away from all the noise and to focus on my family, my business, and my spirituality.

I constantly hear from so many that they don’t see how I have the time to do all that I do. And quite frankly I don’t have the time at all. I make it look good all the while wishing I had more time to do the things that need to be done and be at the places that I need to be.

I unfortunately miss a lot of important moments. Kids games, family coming into town, sleep. Oh SLEEP. Let’s not forget the backed up laundry that I am slowly maneuvering through.

My annoyance with the lack of time is at an all time high right now seeing that I need my brakes fixed and unfortunately with my 9 to 5 schedule and weekend vending events that I can’t cancel on now because let’s face it I need the push, the funds, and these products to sell out, I don’t have time to get those done. And wasted time attempting to cut corners knowing that eventually cut corners always puts more of damper on our time and pockets eventually.

Lately I’ve been revising my look at time. I’ve been extremely honest with myself in regards to a lot of time I’ve wasted over the years doing literally nothing but mindlessly scrolling, debating, and going back and forth with folks about nothing.

I think about all the time I put into helping folks out. Speaking life into them, and being present for those that are no longer present for me at times when I need them the most. All that energy and time for those connections to drop off and fall short. We waste so much time and energy on things and people and when it’s TIME for them to show up for us they are no where to be found.

All in all, I realize now at the age of 36 how much time I have wasted. 36 years here on Earth I am now, more than ever, reminded that I am more in control of my time and energy than anything else in my life. That’s on me to manage, no one else. It’s no ones fault but my own on why I wasted so much time over the years.

Pendulum swings. That wasted time serves a purpose as well as a reminder of how precious time is. How I need to make every moment count for something moving forward in my life. Rather that’s me advising someone that I don’t have time and wishing them well to me ensuring that my time spent is money earned for advise that no longer comes free.

Time into my children because they are growing like seeds and I want to ensure that all the time I invest in them is pertinent so that when they stand alone the bloom brightly and strong like a Sunflower in the Sun.

When it comes to time and my schedule I have to be strict and firm because it’s on me to set these boundaries. NO business after a certain time. NO interaction with Customer’s after a certain time. NO I don’t have time for that. NO conversations when it’s time to spend with my Husband and my Kids. NO to everyone when I need time to myself to replenish my energy. Because we all NEED TIME to RENEW. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for needing time for YOU.

NO one is going to build back into us the time that we lose wasting time. That’s on us to fulfill. It shouldn’t be personal to them just you. They have their own time to worry about.

PS I’ve made time to get my brakes fixed. Don’t worry I’m not going to skeet off into the sunset grinding anymore.

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