Friendship Breakups

I don’t care what anyone says, friendship breakups are much more painful than leaving a man.

I’ve left many men in my life and while you think you can’t go on without them you can. But losing friends, people that you have confided in and relied on and loved as they are and vice versa, whew, those things hurt and they hurt for a very long time.

I don’t think you ever get over them. I think you just learn how to live on without them. You try to make it seem like you’re better off without them. That they were weighing you down and standing in your way. In all actuality, all you want is for the two of you to sit with snacks and binge watch Harry Potter or Game of Thrones and yell at your favorite scenes and forget the whole fiasco ever happened.

But there is no hope nor return. Things ending in my life typically mean that’s exactly where they are supposed to be. You have to trust the signs. I trust them with everything in me. Sometimes though things happen to make a return and you’re capable of picking up where you left off.


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  1. D.turner says:

    Oh man. This is for me. Right in the mist… a return would ease the pain, take the hurt away. OR maybe its over. Idk. But it hurts like hell.

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