Random Thoughts 7/25/22

I’m going to do a podcast on this but I really need to vent a bit. It’s a whole lot so bare with me.

I swear spirit be so HEAVY in me. I sense and pick up on sooooo much and I just shake my head because people really will make you out to be a whole fool and in actuality they are the ones playing one. I am too in alignment man. Way too in alignment. Nothing can get past me. At all. I just want folks to know and understand this. Save yourself the embarrassment of even trying.

I am divinely guided and protected. I am ALWAYS covered. There is no threat here physically or spiritually on me. At all. All binds, ties, and tries have been removed from me, my family, and all those that I love and care for. Psalms 91. I am covered. You have to really demand covering over you and yours. Every day, all day. Spiritual warfare is at an all time high and it comes disguised as someone that loves you. Whole time they pretend and loathe everything about you.

Y’all better take heed. Cancer season should have prepared you and shown you all that you needed to see about people so that you can cut off, love from afar and act accordingly.

I can’t emphasize enough how this year should have shown you that EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS WITHIN YOU! Stop looking outside of yourself for ANYTHING!

To all the spiritualist out there yo…. I can’t say this without coming off wrong but I swear with all of me I want you all to take heed to this message. STOP PRAYING OVER FOLKS AND DOING PROTECTIVE WORK FOR OTHERS AND YOU’RE OWN AURA FIELD AND PROTECTION HAS BEEN ATTACKED/ BEING ATTACKED/ OR YOUR GUARDS ARE DOWN.

You’re not protecting yourself how can you protect and serve others right now. DAILY PRACTICE!

A lot of spiritualist right now NEED TO DO DEEP CLEANSING AND MEDITATION because you’re completely severed from spirit and your higher self. Moving forward I don’t want ANYONE DOING ANY SPIRITUAL WORK AROUND ME OR FOR ME UNLESS I ASK THEM TO! I love y’all but a lot of the hex work being done to you all is starting to ricochet unto those that you mean well by doing. You need to focus on HOME, SELF, & HEARTH.

And trust me I’m fine. I don’t need cleansing or protection I handle that on my own.

I covered. I am protected. My tribe will know when I need assistance. But RIGHT NOW WE ALL need to work on OUR OWN SHIT and stop depleting self and connecting with any and everything in search for community. Community needs to be within right now. Find your SPIRITUAL GUIDES! Hear them! Stop trying to connect outside of self right now.

I hope everyone takes this New Moon in Leo and really CLEANSE THEMSELVES THOROUGHLY! Their home. Their body. Their Auric Field. Like I can’t emphasis this enough! CLEANSE THOUROUGHLY! Especially before doing anymore work on anyone else. You got to stop.

People wonder why I’m so standoffish. Now days you really have to be because folks aren’t taking heed of how much spiritual ignorance is going on. And folks will really try to play you like a fool.

I’m no ones sister wife candidate lol. Y’all really be trying to size folks up so here’s the PSA COUNT ME OUT! Count me out of all of that. Try Jesus not me nor mine. Like I’m all for sharing information that can propel us forward as a people. I’m all for connecting with like minds and sharing things that will excel us HIGHER MENTALLY & SPIRITUALLY! I’m all for ALL OF THAT.

But when y’all get on this weird shit it just let’s me know how off you all are from truly connecting to your higher selves! You’re still pressed on sexual animalistic connections that’s so 3d. Sex magic is dying out and I’m so glad folks are truly seeing and understanding how LOW VIBRATIONAL THAT SHIT IS. So if you got me as a sexual fantasy, thought, or idea you can release that desire from your mind cause it’s a HEAVY NO. I don’t have sex. I don’t want to have sex. I don’t have any desires of the flesh. I have my own family, My own Husband, My Own Kids to tend to I’m not trying to combine homes with anyone outside of MY INTERMEDIATE FAMILY!

I got to retreat further into my solitude because it’s really getting REAL out here and the more y’all inconspicuously try the more EYE absolutely SEE.

Y’all be careful out here.

So recap

  1. Don’t do no spiritual work for me. I don’t want it.
  2. I am none of y’all sister wives. I don’t play that shit. Stay far thee fuck away from me if that’s the energy you’re on.
  3. The only spiritual work you guys need to do is on yourselves. There are too many attacks going on for folks to be dependent upon you for service when you can’t protect yourself. If folks were doing the work within they wouldn’t NEED YOU to protect them they’d know how to protect themselves.
  5. I’m a SOLO DOLO GREEN WITCH. I need y’all to understand this and don’t get offended when I tell y’all moving forward to leave me alone. I say it with all the love and respect that I can. Spirit wants no parts of any of it.

Ok that’s it. That’s all.

Have a blessed day.

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