Tend To Your Own Garden

Spirit has been sitting heavily with me on this.

Who pours back into you when your cup has been emptied?

So often I see budding entrepreneurs get BURNT OUT because they are selling themselves and their dream short! I’ve been there before!

So often you’re helping others then when you’re needing the support and assistance no one is there.

So often I see spiritualist helping, praying, breaking mentally, physically, and spiritually for others all the while they are under attack! Stop it. Tend to your own garden and I say this with love.

Spiritual warfare is REAL. And you can’t be trying to pray, lay hands on folks, do readings, reiki, or none of that when you got active threats against you. That same energy is ricocheting to all that you touch!

You wondering why bonds are breaking? People want to show up in these “titles” but not doing the daily work. Everyone needs to be doing their DAILY WORK WITHIN. You can’t turn it off and on like a faucet.

We got to stop that and start being in whatever word you read, praying, meditating, eating right, SITTING STILL, releasing attachments, and so forth.

Look at it like this!

The more SOUND AND SOLID YOU ARE MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY, and SPIRITUALLY the greater you are for not only YOURSELF but for your community. For your family!

A lot of you are still vengeful. And rageful. And overly emotional! It’s unnecessary.

A lot of y’all move for external validation and glory and it’s keeping you stuck on a low vibration.

Our Ancestors is like nah that ain’t community!

I pose the question of what does a community look like to you?

I see a community of ALL rising as self sufficient leaders capable of sharing the load and doing their part so that NO ONE ever feels ran down or depleted. Everyone knows their place, their purpose, their duty. How y’all going to ever hear spirit when the World is so loud! The World has your attention. Not Spirit.

If your community is you only being at service to those that need you while they remain ignorant on how to heal themselves we are not working towards community. We are working towards codependent relations and it’s that same mentality that has our community crippled TODAY. Spiritual communities and groups that have the same build up as that of Church economics. The spiritual haves and have nots.

We don’t need more HEALERS we need more TEACHERS and folks who are OPEN MINDED and capable of LEARNING how to HEAL THEMSELVES.

Self awakening ain’t for everyone yet but enough folks move on it and set an example of peace within as well as without more folks gone see you all glowing and wanting to know how can they get there.

A lot of the times we deny our own power by living in denial to the habits we have become accustomed and attached to.

People ask, “when will it be my season?”

My answer will always be when you plant the seeds, nourish and nurture them, then sow what you put into it at the end of the season.

You can’t avoid doing the work.

It looks like it came easy to others but you really don’t know their struggle, nor their sacrifices. It ain’t easy.


It’s ALWAYS your season. What you plant will be what you sow.

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