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Don’t move on, connect on, or make plans with no desperate or thirsty energy.

You don’t have to answer folks right away when they ask you to do something. TAKE YOUR TIME WHEN MAKING DECISIONS!

You don’t have to obligate yourselves to anything immediately.

That does a disservice to your spirit.

Think before doing anything y’all.

I think a lot of us move based off of financial prospectives and don’t think shit through.

Then intertwine yourself in something that’s not aligning to your spirit.

I LOVE when my energy runs folks that aren’t meant to align to me wrong.

That’s not in error that’s SPIRIT!

Are you doing your daily work? Spirit should be protecting you enough to where those who don’t really like you won’t come near you. They know they don’t have much on you but a feeling.

That’s SPIRIT doing the work!

When folks ask why they don’t like you and all they can say is, “it’s just something about her.”

SPIRIT lol let it be your protection so you can focus on your path and mission!

And I guarantee once they do their own work within themselves eventually chances are they’ll have to work with you WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT.

I’ve had this happen to me and I’ve done this before.

Most of the time when it’s something we don’t like in others it’s their light shinning light to something that we don’t like within OURSELVES. We are just too egotistical to admit it!

This is why I don’t dislike ANYBODY! I absolutely however allow Spirit to keep me away from those I don’t need to be around. It’s a difference.

Is Spirit guiding you?

Do that daily work!

You don’t need advice FROM FRIENDS they are living their lives within their own experience just like you. They don’t have the answers SWAY.

You DO and you’re just avoiding it.

WhT you need to do is SIT STILL. Pray and meditate. Listen to your GUT. What is your gut saying? Ask your guides if benevolence and your Angels to assist you and provide you with signs and clarity and really be watchful, expectant, and READY most importantly.

Our guides show us signs all the time and we don’t take heed to them at all. They are ALWAYS WITH US! Watching and waiting to be tagged in like a wrestler on the sides ready for you to tap their hand!

Better tap them in during those moments of desperation! They got better guidance than someone who you energetically ain’t clear on!

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