What’s For Breakfast Can Determine Your Mood

Did you know that what we eat for breakfast every morning could absolutely affect our overall mood for years to come? You know that nifty link between our guts and our Central Nervous System.

So, how do we eat to keep from getting the blues?

Studies show that there really is a link between Anxiety and Stressed Gut, or Depression and Depressed Gut and there are foods that you can eat over time to help mitigate the symptoms of either or. Chronic Inflammation plays a major role in the creation of illness in our bodies. Yet daily, we consume foods that are highly inflammatory.

Depressed gut? The microbiota-diet-inflammation trialogue in depr…: Ingenta Connect

To put this into simple terms is our body is one big petri dish! Literally we are covered and full of GERMS. And these germs are alive and thriving. There are good germs and there are bad germs. (I know it’s bacteria but germs sounds cooler.)

Think of your body as Game of Thrones right! The Good Germs are the Starks and the Bad Germs are the Lannisters. And then you have the sneaky Frey’s just cause I wanted to throw them in there. Well they are living and thriving and each wants to dominate your iron throne and become the lord of the body! And guess who helps either of them win, YOU AND THE FOOD THAT YOU INGEST!

So, if you’re eating foods that are highly inflammatory with no nutritional value guess who you feeding and allowing to thrive in your body! Those nasty ass Lannisters!!!! They just all up in you defiling and creating more Lannisters and the next thing you know you’re depressed and got diabetes and heart disease! The Starks, the good bacteria keep up, are no where to be found!

So let’s say you decide you know what today I’m feeling a salad and an apple. It’s New Years I’m going to turn my life around. And then you introduce a few Starks back into the equation. It’s now the Battle of the Bastards in your gut. The Lannisters are like, “What and who is this shit! I can’t eat this!” And the Starks are like, “Low and Behold I am here and we are going to take over the World!”

However, that apple alone and salad will also have some slimball Frey’s in the mix too! But they really ain’t a threat if you help the Starks out with some superfoods like pro and pre biotics to help them thrive and be strong! And like MAGIC you’ll look and feel so much better!

Until it’s a cheat day. Yep… just got to flip it in there and guess what you cheat and fuck around and introduce some damn Bolton’s in your system. And they seem to be a lot harder to defeat! But no fear anything introduced can be weeded out with a good detox to reset and get back to your nutritional wellness goals.

Y’all somehow get what I’m saying right!

Be more conscientious on what it is you are ingesting. You don’t have to get all scientific and nerdy but just understand this, the saying is true!


But I’m going to get a little nerdy here. You have read my blog on the microbiome right? Well if you haven’t, go here and read it! – What’s in Your Gut! – Kilo Cares (heykilo.org)

The connection between our Brain and our Colon is REAL and brought to you by the longest nerve in our body, the Vagus nerve. The Nerve communicates a TON of what’s going on from your Gut, to your Colon, and then to your Brain. And depending on what’s in your Gut it’s going to dictate how the Brain responds and reacts. So, just imagine the Lannisters and the Bolton’s in there just winning and running the iron throne just imagine the amount of crazy that would be ravishing your brain.

Yes, put that damn burger down right now it’s a Bolton in there!

But don’t fear anything done can be reversed but you have to be intentional and proactive immediately. By introducing good bacteria you create microbiobes that are capable of offsetting the mess and creating balance within our system.

These good Stark bacteria’s come in and mimic neurotransmitters that our body naturally makes and works with our body to help aid and support it. They come in and help support your bodies serotonin production and dopamine (hormones for sleep and relaxation/mood) and help it balance out. This in return helps you not only look better but FEEL BETTER TOO!

So eat foods that are high in nutrients that support your gut and system! Make sure you are eating probiotics. My favorite probiotic is sauerkraut. I also love yogurt and powdered supplements that aren’t in those capsules that could possibly have fillers in them that cause more harm than good. It’s also important to drink or eat foods that are high in prebiotics which have nutrients that support the good bacteria and keep it strong and thriving.

Foods like onions, garlic, oats, cabbage especially fermented into miso, honey, and so much more.

I challenge you today to look into prebiotics and probiotics and find some ways to incorporate them into your daily diet! Then let me know how you feel in a month or so!

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