Be Free

I can talk about Spirituality and Accountability all day long.

Like whew do you know the amount of mental prisons that could be broken down by ones Faith & Accountability?

How many dreams that could be dreamt and manifested?

Choosing Heaven on Earth (IN YOUR MIND) instead of waiting for it once you’re dead. (Never made sense to me.)

How we are all connected with Spirit/God/The Creator and how this Universal thought (or call it Spirit) is a gift of God and we can will it by just FLOWING WITH IT.

The pain, the suffering, the drama of life all of it only occurs when we individually go against the flow and the World collectively when all thoughts are not in one accord.

Like I really think Netflix “The Sandman” touched on The power of Universal Thought sooo well in their last episode of the show.

How if we all dreamed the same dream that we could alternate the universe.

That is sooo real though.

Everything created in this reality STARTED AS A THOUGHT.

Even you and I are the thought of God!

Just imagine if we REALLY released all hate, jealousy, fear, and limitations that we have become attached to and just mentally believed in not only ourselves but in Humanity how beautiful all of our lives would be. Only if you everyone, or according to the Sandman, 1000 souls dreamt the same dream.

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