Born Free

We really were.

Before our parents, teachers, friends, and the World began to shape us we came into this World free. A new life breathing in fresh air.

A true representation of the Word in the physical.

So much of our physical existence is things that we have been conditioned to thinking and believing as law. Not what we know. Not what we feel. Conditioned passed down traditions from other’s who were conditioned before you.

Just imagine if so many fears, limitations, projections, and doubts from other’s from the time you were born until right this very moment were wiped out of your memory bank. How different would your life be?

I’d probably be a Star.

As a child I loved to sing and dance. Everywhere we went folks would want me to sing or dance. I didn’t do it for the attention initially. I did it because I just loved to sing and dance. Then as the request became more frequent the desire of attention followed. However I still was extremely passionate about it.

Until the negativity poured in. The folks that would shame my voice. Who didn’t think I could sing.

I literally knew that I could and that I was a talented writer, dancer, singer, actor, and artist but I allowed myself to be muted due to other’s projections and limitations that they placed on me.

“Girl you can not sing.”

“I know someone that can dance better than you.”

“You look fast doing all that dancing.”

“You do too much.”

“I don’t like your jewelry.”

“Your products make my skin dry/blotchy.”

“Reading cards is the devil.”

I could go on and on about all the negative things I have heard about myself from the lips of other’s who can’t walk a mile in my shoes.

From being funny looking to being nothing.

You really have to get to a point of realizing that their misery doesn’t deserve your attention yet alone your company. Especially do not for one second allow any of their nay say deter you from the things that you do WELL. That give and bring you joy.

Many will always think something or someone else is bigger or greater than you. Do it anyway.

Yeah they may think that you are doing too much especially when they within themselves feel small and like they aren’t doing anything at all. Keep doing whatever it is that you love to do.


Be Free to express yourself however it needs to be expressed.

I refuse to play into the notion that I have to die to be free again.

I’d rather kill off that need for gratification and validation from other’s and BE FREE NOW!

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