No Matter What People Say

I don’t take anything personally.

Taking things that people say and do personally will literally run your mind down or have you assuming things that you have absolutely no control over.

People project their pain, jealousy, insecurities, and limitations on others all day every day in the form of roasting, opinions, and whatever and every day folks take those projections personally.

People are going to talk about you.

People are going to assume about you.

People are going to attempt to tell you that you are doing or are “too much.”

There will also be other’s that say that you aren’t “doing enough”.

And guess what? NONE OF THAT MATTERS!

None of what they say matters.

All that matters is WHAT YOU THINK, FEEL, and KNOW about YOURSELF!

People can say a million muhf*cking things about me and they don’t know me or know my heart and it’s not on me to try to prove to anyone who or what I am.

I AM WHAT I AM and I know WHO’S I AM!

That’s it and that’s all.

So what folks say is more of a reflection of what and who they are.

My Mother Dear always said, “opinions are like assholes everyone has one but doesn’t mean they are correct.”

You got to learn what/who is or isn’t for you and hold on to that. Hold on to being you so that what is for you will gravitate towards you.

Boundaries come naturally when you are walking with purpose. Rift raft will eliminate itself.

Most of the time the only thing limiting you is your inability to LET CERTAIN SHIT/PEOPLE/HABITS/WORRIES/FEARS/PAIN GO!

It took for me to stop being so damn afraid and letting go for me to actually see how much I was holding myself back by being attached to FEAR and I didn’t need to be.

Afraid for what?!

The only thing that comes to someone afraid is more fear and that shit will cripple you and leave you stagnant.

You can’t dream or think big while you’re holding on to fear. Got to let that go. Got to believe in yourself and make things MOVE!

Every entrepreneur that I know and love from KC has some of the same qualities about them that sets them apart and I watch them and am inspired by it:

  1. FAITH
    and more but these are the main qualities that I watch.

No matter what their eyes are on their goals and they don’t stop at nothing nor let anything or anyone stand in their way.

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