Life Lessons

I don’t think we attract broken people for no reason at all.

I feel it has great purpose.

I feel until you realize that reason you’ll keep manifesting this same broken individual because it’s literally the mental projection that you’re putting out there.

Meaning that by, (before y’all call me an I want to be down ass Brandy), if you ignore any sign, flag, if you go against your own better judgement and still give that person a chance you’re doubting yourself.

I think the greatest lesson in all of it is STOP QUESTIONING YOUR INTUITION.

I feel it’s the strongest thing we should listen to.

We can’t hear it because we haven’t deaded the noise of the World. Our World that we have created.

Until we can hear that voice within we stay lost grasping at anything that shows us attention and gives us validation.

Until we realize that all that comes from within, we continue to bump our heads.

That’s what I have come to realize looking back over my life without the lens of ego, guilt, pride, and shame. But instead with BALANCE.

That voice been in me all along.

Never needed advice from man all I ever needed was to listen for God within me.

And I’m not saying I am God but I am of thee and you are too.

Know and believe that.

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