It’s been a minute but I’m still here. I feel like I had to take a hiatus for awhile but here I am for some updates. Things have been interesting in a great way. Let’s dive in.

Well Mercury Retrograde has came in and really technically and physically disrupted my life lol. I was without a phone for a week, I’m still in Facebook jail (they literally gave me 30 days for being uplifting ironically), Wi-Fi has been super iffy to non existent, short term memory of passwords has been remedial, and I had a neck pain so vicious it set me down for a whole week. Yeah it started off with a bang.

However, I was fine throughout ALL of it. And despite all of that a lot has been accomplished. Most importantly patience and clarity has been achieved. I feel like I am at a pivotal point of my journey. NAMASTE is the greatest way to put it. There is no need to stress or struggle. Like I feel like the overall message of this Retrograde is, “Don’t worry, be happy. Everything is literally just fine!” You know like the overall message of the Ten of Swords!

Yes, things might be going cray cray but baby you got this! Breathe, reflect, strategize, and move at your own pace.

I have created a mastery as far as how to handle, or not handle things. I have become an expert at not allowing things to get under my skin. Well enough to not give folks the satisfaction of a reaction because BABY there are a few folks that really want me to go there and I refuse to. I just say a silent prayer for them and keep going about my business.

Communication between my Husband and our kids have been A1! Like the older I get and the calmer my spirit is the easier it is to just navigate through parenting and marriage. I’ve been leading a lot with love and taking my time to listen and listen intently to innerstand and not just to respond, defend, or just have the last say.

What I’ve realized with my past relationships there were times when I felt like I was in a constant state of battle. So, my guards were always high because I was constantly at war and odds with my ex. Even our relationship now as co-parenters (It’s not a blog without a new word) is strained because there is still a layer of animosity that is going to take a lot of time to heal. A lot of damage was done. A lot. Lately I’ve learned to speak my mind respectfully and not allow opinions to bother me. People will always think things about you but the reality is never what they believe. You know your heart and that’s all that matters.

People who love to pick apart and put other’s down are those who struggle with looking in their own mirror. I love looking myself in the mirror. I love looking into my soul. For the first time in a very long time I finally love and adore who I see. The good, the bad, and the BOMB AS FUCK.

Another lesson I’ve learned through this retrograde is that the Universe is really going to always have your back. Always. I’ve been able to literally think things into existence. Literally have just released the need to stress or worry and just allow things to take place. Literally every need I’ve had has been supplied. And I have been able to be a blessing to others. Especially my Customers. My Husband and I sat down one night and literally just got the figures together our products and now my prices are the lowest they’ve ever been and I am beyond thriled.

I never wanted to charge a ton for anything that I love to do. And the inflation cost had really been stressing me out. We found a way to keep our same distributers and get a fair price so that we can maintain fair and affordable pricing to all returning and new customers. I’m so grateful.

Quality products at an affordable cost is just everything I wanted Kilo Cares to reflect. Having to increase my products got me so down and out I literally couldn’t make or create anything. I didn’t even want to vend anywhere. It just didn’t feel right. My loyal ones still ordered and I am so grateful for them and have a new royalty program in the works just to show my appreciation to them.

Everything is coming full circle. Moving forward I’m going to take myself more seriously with this because this is what I truly want for my life.

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