Illusions Gone Away

Mindset is everything. You literally can BE anything that you desire to be. You literally can DO anything that you desire to do.

All you have to do is adjust your mindset.

If you WANT better you will DO better. It’s as simple as that.

No really it’s just that simple. As we have left the age of illusion, instantaneous fame & popularity, trend after trend, and all that who rah blah, pay attention to what’s occurring right in front of your eyes.

People are slowly but surely turning back into who they truly are. No longer capable of hiding in plain sight. People are beginning to SEE the reality in Hollyweird and throughout the World. Nothing can be hidden as public perception is starting to rise in inner awareness.

You’re going to see more folks walk away from the VANITY of the Piscean age and more into a spiritual inner soul searching era. It’s slowly starting to happen. People are beginning to go within and do the inner work they hid themselves from while being caught up in the World.

Karmic ties from relationships, partnerships, friendships are all fading away as we begin to figure out our morals and values. Realizing that we don’t align much with those we previously did. Everything is slipping away.

This is necessary. This is needed. All the ‘celebrity’ strife is mirroring what we in the common World are experiencing.

Separation from illusion and facing reality.

No one can hide from the Universe. You can’t hide from your own thoughts.

Your mindset really does shape your reality. I can not emphasis this enough.

The Piscean age introduced quick fixes. Instant fame. Instant beauty. Instant healing. Instant love. Now absolutely all of that is being challenged. Denounced. Released. And it’s absolutely beautiful to see so many folks going within. Searching within themselves, finally, for everything that they already had within.

The illusion of the Piscean Age really limited us and our thinking to where we literally were not thinking at all. We were just doing. And the faster you could do it the better. However, those results were not internal. They did not FACE nor CURE the pain within nor the habits that perpetuated and fed that pain. Your ego’s were suppressed when they needed to be understood, embraced, and loved. Not forgotten.

It’s apart of you. I hope I’m making sense. Someone is going to feel me.

Gone are the fast fixes and now we finally begin to do the work. I was just admiring my body for the first time in a long time. I look damn good and I feel even better.

My body didn’t change when I wanted it to change because I wanted to look a certain way. I wanted to look good for attention you know. I wanted to stand out. I wanted to be appealing. Not to draw in suitors just to keep my man’s attention. I had to realize I already had that. I needed to learn to just love myself as is. Love my curves, my flaws, my stretchmarks, my dimples, and just embrace the ME that I am today.

My emphasis adjusted from the perspective of vanity to gratitude. From that my habits adjusted and changed.

I no longer ate to be full. I ate for nourishment. I took in foods that I knew would nourish my mind, body, and spirit. I gave thanks. When I wanted to eat a little junk because hey I ain’t going to lie I’m a sucker for French fries and Reece’s peanut butter chocolate covered pretzels. (sweet and salty you can’t beat that), I would have it! Only in slight moderation.

Detoxing when necessary not to run to the bathroom every two seconds. That’s dehydration not detoxing.

I do my yoga. I do my grounding. I do my meditation. I love on me throughout it all. Ya’ll I swear to you my body adjusted and changed over night. I began to fill out in the places I wanted to and loose inches off my mid section.

It’s all because I wanted to FEEL better and LOOK BETTER and I internally adjusted my habits to mirror my desire. I took action to DO the things that I knew were required of me to create the gains I wanted. It was that simple but not so simple.

It’s hard to break habits that you have attached yourselves too but it can be done. I am a testament to that.

Along with eating my mood has improved. My outlook on life. The way I connect with others or not. My boundaries are A1 now. I know what is, who is, what ain’t, and who ain’t for me and it’s personal not personal. Feel me?

I love it here.

I look amazing, I feel amazing, and I’m just ready to take on what the Universe brings my way.

Mindset is key. If I can do it, you can do it too.

Today I want you to ponder on what can you adjust in your mind today to help you achieve a better you tomorrow?

What steps can you take today that’ll edge you closer to the life you desire to live tomorrow?

Think long and hard on this and answer honestly. Be honest with yourselves.

A lot around me has changed. And due to those changes, those releases, I was capable of making space and room for what is for me.

This is why living your truth is vital. It is important. You can THEN allow what’s for you to gravitate towards you. We are too old to be forcing anything in our lives that doesn’t honor you and shows you on multiple occasions that it doesn’t want to be here in place with you.

Let it go in love and LOVE YOU!

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