Mental Adjustment & Overall Wellness

It’s all in the mind and gut.

Pre and Probiotics literally changed the trajectory of my health.

Understanding your gut and the bacteria that can help your gut thrive and the types of foods that you should eat to maintain a healthy gut flora is crucial to your overall health and wellness.

Most DIS-EASE begins in your GUT!

What you eat and what you drink PRIMARILY (God knows I love Reece’s pretzels) should be made up of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

That does not mean be Vegan or Vegetarian but you absolutely can be MOSTLY PLANT BASED.

This begins with reprogramming your mind.

I remember growing up seeing those infomercials as well as those food charts that would put near proteins as our main source of food. So the meat portion was always highlighted as the MAIN COURSE or top entre. While the fruits and veggies are noted as sides.

Most folks don’t realize that protein can be found in EVERYTHING.

Got to readjust your mind to this and reprogram your plate.

I typically advise my clients to decrease their meat protein down to about 3 to 2 ounces of meat and make the rest of their plates primarily plant sources. Leafy greens and a wide variety of veggies.

Add in an avocado for your omega 3 fatty acids or add an apple or pear in their for desert.

Have fun with eating. Eat vibrantly in color.

Anxiety, Depression, a lot of mood disorders origins can be traced to your GUT!

Your habits

Your surroundings

In order for change to come in you have to 1st be honest with yourself and understand that IT IS OK NOT TO BE OK!

Realizing this is VITAL.

This is where you’ll desire to want better. To want to FEEL BETTER overall.

This is where you begin to FEEL your power within.

You don’t have to look outside of yourself for the power you already have within you.


Nothing about YOU needs to change except the way that you SEE YOU!

That’s it.

Seeing yourself in your TRUE light will help you RID all the habits, the pain, the trauma, the karmic bonds, the addictions, all of that will be lit up bright and you’ll see the areas in your life that are no longer in alignment with YOU!


Idc what you believe in all I need folks to truly see and believe in is the power of themselves and that they have the capability to CHANGE THEIR LIVES!!!!

It starts within YOU! Embracing YOU! Knowing YOU! Realizing your needs! Your desires! Tuning the World out and finding love, peace, and balance within!

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