It’s Time

I couldn’t believe folks were selling the crystals you can purchase from Hobby Lobby until someone actually sold me the crystals from Hobby Lobby.

I didn’t say anything or correct them and I really should have.

Not to gatekeep but to really advise how wrong it is.

It’s not wrong to need to provide for yourself and your family, however it is wrong to sell with intent knowing fully that the stones are fake. That’s wrong.

Even though stones are additives and we amplify their power to achieve the desired results. That’s plastic and probably a fraction of what that stone is if that at all.

I use those stones for decor not to resell.

I say this with love.

We shouldn’t be selling anything that we don’t believe in.

We shouldn’t be selling anything that doesn’t hold value to ourselves.

We shouldn’t be selling things yet harboring ill will towards the belief of it.

For example Christians who shun any other Spirituality that isn’t in alignment to their own YET AND STILL make profit off of Spirituality rather through the selling of stones, smudge bundles, etc.. Then every blue moon you see them sharing that post of the lady saying crystals, sage, honoring YOUR dead ancestors is all ”devil worship” and witch craft. (Eyeroll)

I see y’all clearly lol

Most of y’all have come to me for readings and spiritual work when the CURTAINS ARE CLOSED AND THE LIGHTS ARE OFF and I will NEVER share that with a SOUL.

I believe in privacy, loving folks as they are, and truth! TRUTH.

I live my truth LOUDLY.

I am not ashamed of my Spirituality. As a child I used to be and would hide it. Even in my adult years.

Not anymore.

I am who I am and I love me for everything that I am.

I hear the whispers. I see the “Suggested Follows”.

It’s still all love.

And if you need me I’m here.

Stay true to your journey no matter where you are in this journey.

I used to be so afraid of “endings” of “abandonment” of “losing” those that I have loved.

I never wanted to see things end.

Now, I look at it as a cycle completed. There is no right nor is there any wrong.

Our cycle has come to a close and everything that needed to be experienced and learned has been done.

This is how you release in love without creating pain and issues. I’m not sure why society has us thinking it’s important to lay blame or point fingers when connections close.

People outgrow. People move on. People evolve. People’s values change. Doesn’t mean they are wrong.

Most of the time there is always signs.

We fail to take heed to them because we choose to go our own way instead of going with the flow.

Ignoring signs causes pain, tension, and issues.

And 9 times out of 10 when something ends we aren’t that mad at the individual we feel betrayed us. No. We are mad at ourselves for allowing ourselves to be betrayed.

Do you see the pain you’re inflicting upon yourself by not living your truth? By not setting boundaries? By not being who you truly are? By being passive aggressive?

Not sure why folks think spirituality means being all “monk like” lol when you guys are having interpersonal relationships that MONKS DO NOT HAVE!!!!

Monks, like Priest, have sacrificed all interpersonal relationships so they live in a spectrum far from our day to day lives and reality.

Monks literally have abandoned families to live in the hills away from our reality. And I’m not shunning them. I’m just keeping it real.

They have released that aspect of them to go deep within themselves and release all attachments.

I don’t plan on doing that do you?


So in our reality at times you have to stand firm. You have to stand up for yourselves. You have to embrace your light and your darkness. You can not have your light anyway without your darkness!

Lol anyone tell you any differently still has work to do.

We don’t do shadow work to eliminate the shadow. No. You see it, you love it, you embrace it, and you find inner balance and peace.

You don’t kill your ego you understand it so that it doesn’t out rule the balance within you.

We ALL have so much work to do. And that work must be done within oneself.

It’s beyond time.

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