Medicinal Mushrooms

Yes mushrooms are super delicious but they are full of healing properties that are extremely beneficial to our overall health and wellness.

I am obsessed with Adaptogenic Herbs and the Endocrine System.

Medicinal Mushrooms, NOT hallucinogens, can really help the body adapt to stress or mitigate it.

Here are some that I grow and work with often in my tinctures and herbal powders.

  1. Reishi- Calms your mind, helps one relax, boost immunity, and is known as “the elixir of life.”
  2. Cordyceps- supports reproductive health, boost immunity, boost stamina and energy, stimulates circulation of blood and circulates oxygen through the organs.
  3. Lion’s Mane – literally my favorite Super Mushroom as its amazing for Cognitive Function as it produces NFG (nerve growth factor) and myelin (an insulation around nerve fibers) which has been studied against those who have had nerve damages caused by strokes or other autoimmune disorders such as Epilepsy and Multiple Sclerosis.

(Check out some of the scientific studies on nerve regeneration and repair/growth with Lion’s Mane.)

  1. Turkey Tail – Anyone that has Cancer or precancerous cells I highly recommend adding Turkey Tail to your diet. Fresh in foods, soups, and broths, even dried and used in smoothies or juices.

Turkey Tail contains polysaccharide-K (PSK) and there are plenty of ground breaking studies that show that this breakthrough constituent has been a key element in patients with a wide variety of certain cancers. It’s an key treatment in Japan with significant results.

I typically make broth for those who are undergoing Chemotherapy as the Turkey Tail helps to support your body and strengthen your immune system.

Makaike – This one has multiple studies that show it can help support and balance blood glucose levels, lower cholesterol, support cardiovascular health, and reduce cancerous cells.

This is one that my clients who are diabetic take frequently.

Did you know that medicinal mushrooms and humans share about 50% of each others DNA?

Mushrooms catch many of the same viruses that we do and have built up immunity to defend themselves against viral invaders.

There’s a study of mushrooms, Mycology, that’s attempting to study the immune response of mushrooms to aid in Humans Fight for Immunity Defense.

Put a little more respect on mushrooms, the medicinal ones.

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