You’ll know you’ve learned the lesson when you see yourself in the resolution only and no one else.

You can pretend all you want for folks and on these socials but you can not hide what you truly are from yourself and especially not The Universe!

It’s going to always adhere to the TRUE YOU!

Keep ignoring the lessons.

You’re going to continue to see the same end results no matter how you get there. You’ll still feel the same when the lights go off and you lay in bed with your thoughts.

You can not avoid going within and doing the work at all.

It’s not easy. Damn sure ain’t pretty.

But it’s worth more than money could by.

Peace of mind.

I go to sleep every night early as hell at peace with everything I have said and done that day. Everything I have grown into. Everything that is sure to come.

This doesn’t mean my life doesn’t get rough it does. It means that no matter what life may throw my way I know I have The Most High fueling me and Ancestors of Benevolence on the other side that will be with me every step on the way!

I have no need to worry about a thing!

There will be pains. Tremendous pains as long as this universal thought is still on the vibration of pain and misery.

Until we are all dreaming the same dream and walking, loving, and loving the same vibration this is where it shall remain as it’s always been for thousands of years.

Drop the illusion, clear the fog, see who you really are.

You’re a God Man in the Flesh. Made in the Image of the Most High.

Every answer you need is already in you.

There is no need to worry or have despair.

You are your question and answer.

You have a substance that flows in you every day that’s holier than all the riches surrounding you.

Isaiah Chapter 3

It’s wild how much all of this is happening, now.

Been happening.

The more I study the more I don’t see how folks don’t realize how physiological and prophetic a lot of this is.

Idk why folks don’t realize that they have to take more accountability for themselves and their actions.

Idk why they don’t realize they have to dig deeper within themselves to find and seek the change, salvation, and growth.

Faith without works will really keep you spiritually dead and stuck within this WORLD. The Adam Man.

You’re not elevating or evolving because you keep doing the same things over and over again. Body to body.

The riches, money, none of that makes you more evolved.

What’s within? What’s within your mind? What’s within your true heart?

You have to rise up above from within yourselves.

You have to learn TRULY LEARN the lesson and take accountability for self.

Lust is a temporary power.

Love is and can be everlasting. 


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