Last Mercury Retrograde

12/28/22 – 1/18/2023

What you reap you truly will sow. Be mindful of this.

Inner reflecting and strong life lessons through this period of self awareness.

Working with the Moon during this retrograde is VITAL. I can’t emphasis this enough. Understand the signs the Moon passes through. The Moon governs our emotions and feelings and as it passes through each sign these can and will impact us throughout this time.

Like now the Moon is currently in Pisces and I guarantee a lot of people are not wanting to deal with anyone. You’re isolating yourself, planning or creating, doing things that bring you inner comfort, peace, and a deep sense of knowing who you are, what makes you tick, what brings you comfort, who is for you, and who isn’t. If you’ve been doing the work you don’t even have to question anything. You know.

First quarter Moon (12/29/22) In Aries during the Capricorn Mercury Retrograde, please be slow to speak out of frustration and anger. If anything become aware of your responses and how you interact with other’s. I suggest all fire signs take some time off of Social Media. Especially Aries and Sagittarius.

This Mercury Retrograde, like them all, is all about deep inner reflection as you become more capable of handling intense situations with balance and emotional control.

Key things to work on during this period:

  • Your habits
  • Your attitude
  • Organization
  • Giving people grace and space. (THIS IS IMPORTANT) You can really avoid a lot of friction by just not being overbearing and leaving people alone. People do not have to move when you want them to move. People can do as they please.
  • Not taking things personally.
  • It’s ok to be picky with who you allow in your space. (Heavy Saturn in Aquarius Energy during this time)
  • “NO” is a sentence and doesn’t need to be followed up with an explanation.

Yesterday’s overall energy was the number 9 and it was POWERFUL.

I was seeing 9 everywhere. It was crazy. A lot of cycles are ending and being released for new energy to flow in. This BREAK that Mercury places us in will help us truly create a new sense of direction for ourselves and our plans and goals.

Take your time and realize that during this time you have to do what’s best for you. Do not feel pressured to include anyone in your plans. Honestly, keep your plans to yourself and truly cultivate them during this time.

In ALL plant your seeds and nourish them and this Spring and Summer watch them bloom beautifully and grow!

What you reap you truly will sow. Be mindful of this.

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