Lucky Number 13

Tired of the bad rap Friday the 13th gets!

Friday the 13th is not a day of bad luck.

Power of mentalism

Numerology is so dope and deep.

13 is such a POWERFUL number and one of Completion.

Simplified down the 1+3= 4 which is the product of completion.

In numerology the number 4 is a very powerful number of change, endurance, luck, organization, stability, determination, practicality, abundance, high morals, homecomings, celebration, passion and drive, and so many more qualities that help to further advance you on your life’s journey.

4 Seasons(winter, spring, summer, fall). 4 directions (north, south, east, west). 4 elements (earth, wind, fire, water.)

13 is a very sacred and diving number that harnesses the energy of change, good fortune, and prosperity.

In tarot it represents the Emperor Card, which is one of high security, wisdom, patience, determination, strength, confidence, and prosperity.

I happen to be born on the 13th of February.

My life card is the Queen of Diamonds.

Those born on the 13th are meant to shake the World, own their place within it, walk to the beat of their own drums, and trust the Universe as it guides them on their God Given Purpose.

We are bold, fearless, and not afraid to be who we are.

Once we harness the energy of 13 there is nothing or no one that can stand in our way.

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