Life Gems

Hey just some little life GEMS:

  1. Everything doesn’t need a response nor a reaction.

People are going to be themselves and no they don’t move or act like we do. Everyone is different.

You are only in control of yourself and how you move. So, when people show up and move in ways that don’t align with you just let them be.

You do you.

  1. BE KIND

People are going through a lot now days. Sometimes when you think you are schooling folks on how to JUST BE you can really be spreading a message of insensitivity to others. That’s not of love.

Everyone isn’t cut like you and can’t receive or take what you are saying especially if you are coming from a place of aggression.

Sometimes the delivery is just as if not more important than the topic.

TACT IS IMPORTANT. KINDNESS and TACT go hand and hand in my opinion.

I’m not saying be soft.

I’m just saying when you are speaking to people, come from a place of love and not aggression.

My Great Grand always said if you don’t have anything nice to say then you shouldn’t say anything at all. Calm down first.

  1. Practice what you preach. LIVE IT.


Live your truth. Sometimes your truth is going to ostracize you from “the cool kids” or the “popular folks” but hey, I’m a firm believer in you are where you are supposed to be always.

There’s a lesson in there for ONLY YOU to realize and you might miss it by trying to fit in or stay relevant in areas you’re not supposed to.

Nothing in life should be forced.

We should just FLOW.

Speak your truth loudly and boldly despite the size of your audience.

I don’t care if only 1 person hears you that 1 person needed to hear what you had to say.

Speak impeccably to that 1!

I don’t half ass anything I do.

  1. Know thyself and trust your discernment.

I don’t question anything I feel. If it feels off it is.

This has saved my life and spirit in so many ways.

I don’t trust anything that doesn’t feel right rather that’s people, places, or business deals.

I don’t force anything.

Everything flows.

Speak impeccably when it comes to the dealings of you. Be direct and honest.

And it is ok to change your mind about anything you change your mind about.

The only person you are obligated to is YOU.

I say this all with love.

We have to get to a point where we are not overextending ourselves to please others all the while depleting ourselves.

I’m not forcing anything with anyone. At all.

And I don’t expect anyone to force anything with me.

I love you ALL as you all are. Rather that’s talking to you every day, just seeing you in passing, or not talking to you at all.

I wish you all well.

Kilo Cares

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