Takes Time

I know it feels at times like you have to do so many things at once to feel like you’re getting ahead. How my mind works, I’m always coming up with ideas. I be so caught up in them, excitement built up from the adrenaline of the thrill of something new and my imagination just gets the best of me.

Without regard I’m deeply invested within my new idea. Birthing it to life. The creative aspect of it of course. Never the trivial things. However, it is those trivial things that can make or break a project. If you want longevity for something, you have to think about all the ins and outs of it.

Insert the struggle symphony here.

I’m a dreamer baby with a lot of initiative. Ambitious through and through. But just as quickly as an idea excites me here comes another one that my attention keys in on. By the end of the week, I have four new projects and ONLY eventually gets completed.

In 2023, I’m choosing to SLOW THE HELL DOWN BRUH. Seriously, focus on one thing at a time.

So far, I’ve failed. Just a little bit, but hey! I’m blogging again! Got to appreciate the little wins my friends, they add up. February, YES, I’m starting SUPER DUPER SLOW and I’m sticking to the plan.

Think about it like this, when we put our time, focus, and priority into one or two set things, just imagine how much energy you’ll be able to devote to this set task! So, much. I’ve noticed that when I am rushing to get a project done or if I just feel the motivation and momentum of the project is just dead, all my energy drains from it. The end result doesn’t come out as I imagine it to be.

Not only does the project not look or feel right, but it also feels forced or like I’m holding a creative force within me back. I haven’t put my finger on it, but I feel it. I feel artistically like I’m incomplete.

And not like I need a muse. I’m inspired by so many things around me. It’s more so that I need to pace myself. This isn’t a race homegirl! Who are you competing with? No one.

A lot of the time we feel like we don’t have enough time to do what we are blessed to do. I’m here to let you know that you have all the time in the World. And within this time, you can perfect your skills and craft so that once you release it to the World, it will be complete and in its finest glory.

You know the saying, “no need to rush perfection.” Take your time.

By taking your time you are capable of seeing any potential errors. You can make a plan with mini goals to help you achieve the bigger goals. These many goals matter. It’s nothing like hitting small goals. Small victories that sound super exciting and rewarding. Most importantly, you will get it done the RIGHT way because you took your time!

Trust me! I’ve messed up so many times as well as wasted so much money just moving on an idea without thinking it through.

Another thing I struggle with is wanting to bring everyone on the ride with me and then seeing later on that a lot of us aren’t on the same page you know. Nothing wrong with it because A LOT of the time, I’m the one that checks out because it’s not flowing enough for me. FLOW is E V E R Y T H I N G to me!

If it doesn’t flow, I don’t want any parts of it. I don’t like to force ANYTHING.

One thing I’m doing lately is writing list for anything I’m working on from my 9 to 5, home, to my business. It really works and helps me stay organized.

Eliminating distractions is also priority for me. It’s so easy to grab your phone and just start mindlessly scrolling doing absolutely nothing at all. Lately I’ve been listening to synth soundwaves for concentration. Here’s MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE ONE!!!!

(1) Cyber Focus – Futuristic Focus Music – Ambient Music To Relax/Study To [Epic Sounding] – YouTube

Checking my progress and being HONEST with where I am. Sometimes I reflect to see if anything needs to be released that could be hindering me from the direction I am wanting to go. Honesty is IMPORTANT when it comes to our individual growth and development. Focus is one I lacked on. I had to be honest with myself to overcome it.

Most importantly, give yourself grace and love no matter where you are in your journey. Appreciate where you are and lead with love and grace.

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