An E-World of Endless Opportunity

The Internet gets a really bad rep. From social media to youtube.

I constantly hear folks complain or say how technology has ruined our World, which sometimes I agree. More so in the sense of how it has disconnected us from living within moments and respecting our place within Universe but that’s neither here nor there.

We have a choice. I know that I have an internet addiction. Well, social media addiction. I can’t blame that on the internet though. That issue falls on me. So, instead of mindlessly scrolling I’ve been filling up my time with learning new things through my phone. I mean if you’re going to have the phone in your hand why not make it worth your time.

The internet however, can be a learning playground. We literally have the world of knowledge at our fingertips.

There are so many different places and spaces that you can utilize that can make help you to further advance in your area of interest.

I wanted to share some great platforms that I love that has helped me grow as a thriving entrepreneur and business woman.

  1. Udemy & Teachable

Udemy and Teachable are online learning websites that offer a wide variety of classes from Microsoft, Photoshop, meditation, herbalism, and even yoga. You can learn about any and everything OR launch your own classes and make some money teaching others how to excel in your field. They even offer a wide range of free courses.

2. Youtube

Don’t know it. I have learned A LOT from many scholars on youtube from public speaking, understanding Excel formulas, to learning new hair trends. You can learn A LOT on Youtubeversity. Seriously.

3. Libby App

I love getting my free credit on Audible. I get joy every Month I get that email. However, did you know there was a free book app that can link your library cards? The Libby App is my FAVORITE app. You can listen to audiobooks or even turn pages kindle style. Link library cards from across the country and have a world of knowledge at your fingertips.

4. Rosetta Stone App

Now I’m not going to lie, I accidentally purchased this app for one year. You’re talking about it hurt my soul seeing apply take that $150 out for the year membership. Hey Siri play Beyonce “HEATED” cause that’s EXACTLY how I felt. I felt played. But it was on me! I forgot to cancel my subscription. *EYEROLL* So, by the end of this year I better know 3 new languages I ain’t lying. Come join me on my quest!

5. Time Passages App

Insterested in Astrology? Look no further than the Time Passages App. Get your birth chart for free. They also have a free learn category that teaches you about the houses, planets, and other celestial bodies and their meanings and correlations to the zodiac and their constellations.

6. Last but not least Brhombicosidodecahedron is a African History GOLD MINE! And I am not hyping it up because the Founder is my mentor, but because it’s literally our database for African and African American History. Find books and videos, articles, black business directory, and so much more.

If you find this article useful let me know. And add to it! Let me know some of your favorite websites that you love to learn from! As I readjust my focus and mind on doing more DEEP WORK!

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