Every Day I think back to the stressed out days and sleepless nights.

Days where I was up getting me and my only two sons at the times outfits ready so that we wouldn’t miss catching the bus to hair school and daycare.

The days sleeping on my Mothers Couch.

The day I lost it all. My Job, car, mind, and
a relationship that was going no where.

One thing I never lost was hope.


Today I stand firm in the power of visualization.

I dreamt of days like today.

My kids are good. I have Man that loves me unconditionally.


Thought circumstances could be better I am grateful for today for there were days THAT I PRAYED FOR THIS PEACE OF MIND.

I got promoted about two weeks ago into a MY DREAM POSITION. I’ve been with my company now 12 years (9 permanently.) I am finally in a Management position.

This is hard work and dedication. Patience and perseverance.

I give thanks to The Most High every day for keeping me lifted throughout every high and low.

I could have given up. But giving up has always been too easy for me and I tend to be someone that hates doing anything easy.

I love a challenge.

I say all that to say the things that you fear tend to be the direction you should go.

The things that bring you stress and strain tend to be the things that you need to let go of.

This is why it’s so important to KNOW THYSELF!

Anything forced isn’t meant to be in my mind: I don’t force shit not even the Jeans I pull up over my ass. Lol

Once you start trusting yourself and GOING WITH THE FLOW OF LIFE I promise you everything will click into place. You won’t have to worry or question a thing.

And above all remain grateful.

Gratitude is like the beacon of light that the Universe gravitates towards. Like a moth to a flame. The more gratitude you exude the more blessings will come your way. Genuinely. Can’t fake it.


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