Every time I’ve ever forced some shit in my life it turned around and bit me in the arse. (I just like saying ass like a pirate.)

I will NEVER get divorced again. I should have NEVER said “I Do” the first time. There were a million and one signs that this relationship from day one was not the one for me.

I ignored them all.

Hey you live and you learn right? WRONG.

I don’t know WHY we think living and learning is the shit when there are a million and one examples all around us on why we shouldn’t be going through life experiencing BULLSHIT.

Is my frustration seeping through this blog post? It should be.

I need folks, and myself, moving forward in our lives to be SURE about every decision in our lives moving forward.

Forget possibilities if it’s coming forced and at a cost. What cost? Your peace of mind! Your happiness. Your integrity.

I am not forcing anything or anyone in my life that posses a threat or a challenge to any of these here things noted.

Potential is a double edged sword. It could be for protection or it could kill your ass if not handled correctly. I’m all out of seeing potential in people. You either are it or you are not.

From friends to lovers. I done saw so much potential in the wrong people over the years seeing red flags. Seeing how they treated other people. My goofy behind like, “Awww they’ll never do that to me. I’m too solid. Yea they talk about everyone else and dog them out but, but they love me!”

My last and TRUE Husband tells me every time I say “but” that, “anything after but is BULLSHIT.” No truer words have ever been spoken.

Yes, I’m getting divorced to then get remarried. Keep up. That’s not why we are here.

If I had of eradicated the idea of “potential” out my mind and vocabulary I wouldn’t be going through this long over drawn out divorce because I KNEW. I KNEWWWWW I shouldn’t have got married the first time.

What’s done is done. And here we are learning what I will never endure again. This next marriage is to INFINITY AND BEYOND. I tell my Husband this every day. We will NEVER get divorced. If you’re confused still go to another blog. I’m venting.

I’m saying all this to say, be sure with every decision you make in life. If you have to force a connection with someone or anything for that matter in your life chances are you don’t need it.

Stop forcing those damn jeans on and they can’t come up your thighs, get a bigger size.

Stop forcing your feet in too small shoes.

Stop forcing that food down your mouth you are full. You don’t need another bite.

Stop forcing the gut feeling you feel and pay attention to it and the signs. There is a message in your apprehension. Listen to it.

I ignored a lot to have to endure it eventually. And that’s exactly what will happen when you force shit.

Even friendships with people I knew rubbed my spirit wrong. I still forced it because of history and love knowing damn well I could be cut off just as easily and ridiculed.

See folks as they are and leave them where they are if you have to.

Following this direct and impeccable way of life full of intention I don’t have to force anything. Everything is as it should be. Once these papers are signed this will be the LAST forced situation.

And for the rest of my life I’ll only go with the FLOW.

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