Herbs Work With You

Let’s chat herbal living.

When it comes to health and healthcare in America people think, “SICK NOW NEED IMMEDIATE RELIEF.”

Not realizing that some illness is a result of habits that develop over a long course of time and require lifestyle changes to reverse the diagnosis.

Herbs take time.

While there are some herbs that can offer instant relief in cases like upset stomach, sore throat, etc.. More cases where you have a condition and are currently under treatment require time to reverse.

Herbs basically work WITH YOU.

You can’t NOT do the required work for the herbs to adhere to you.

Herbs work with time and consistency.

What we eat, what we drink, what we allow around us and in our lives play a major part in our overall wellness.

Start small with a cup of tea.

Kilo Cares has 9 signature Tea Blends to choose from:

Power Blend



Gut Support

Immunity Support

Focused on Health

PMS Support

Pine Needle Tea

Cough N’ Flu Support

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