The mask falls off eventually.

After,and hell during COVID, I realized that a lot of people struggle with sitting still and being alone.

A lot of people fear being their own company. A lot of people can’t enjoy life only being with themselves and that’s wild to me.

I have some of my greatest conversations with myself. It’s how I truly hear God.

Being quiet. Tuning the World out. Sitting still.

It was during this solitude I realized that my healing didn’t have to be measured up to anyone else’s.

I didn’t have to compare and contrast journeys. All I had to do was focus on me.

How can I see myself for who I truly am when I am so fixated on what someone else is struggling with taking in their own lives?

Why was I expecting apologies from people who don’t believe they did anything wrong?

It made me wonder if I was exempt from causing pain. It made me wonder if I was creating new pains for the ones that I hold dear to me due to my current reactions to triggers.

Triggers can truly break us away from some of the most beautiful people currently in our lives just by how we react when we are triggered.

I say all that to say. Sit still during times of frustration and try to see where it’s coming from. Be slow to speak during those times.

Don’t run to Facebook or any social outlet just to be pacified by people who wouldn’t really love the true you.

Sit still with you. Journal. Love on yourself. Cry. Laugh. Heal.

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