Your Healing Requires YOU & Only YOU!

I get asked often, “Hey Kilo, what’s an herb that I can take that’ll help me lose weight?”

“Hey Kilo, what’s an herb that I can take to help me gain weight in the right places?”

“Hey Kilo, what’s an herb that’ll help me stop smoking?”

“Hey Kilo, what’s an herb that’ll help me lower my blood sugar?”

“Hey Kilo, what’s an herb that’ll help me with my anxiety/depression?”

Every time my answer is the SAME THING.

“WHAT ARE YOU EATING?” or “How are you helping yourself?”

I know this answer tends to deter folks from buying my products. I mean we in the Western World apparently love to be sold a dream which is why all these Instagram Models, D List Celebs, and Botched surgery folks can sell you miracle “herbal” drinks and detox teas that’ll have you running to the bathroom a mile a minute every time you cough. Knowing damn well they got the figure that they have by flying to Miami or the Dominican Republic. (No shade or shame, this is just the reality.)

Are there herbs that can help SUPPORT you on your wellness goals? Absolutely.

However, none of those herbs will adhere to your body if you are not doing your part to ensure their effectiveness. You have to heal your MINDSET.

Society and Westernized medicine has folks looking for quick treatments/fixes instead of discussing the elephant in the room, specifically the kitchen and drive thru windows across the country.

The American Diet. It is killing our minds, bodies, and spirits directly through our gut.

There is a direct connection between our brain and our gut and it can have a negative effect on our overall wellness if we are not eating and drinking things that will promote the influx of healthy bacteria production.

Why is bacteria in our gut so damn important you ask? Well it aids with digestion first of all. A lot of the foods that we eat couldn’t get broken down without certain bacteria being present in our tummy’s.

A lot of important hormones and enzymes are also released into our body by way of the gut from Serotonin to Melatonin. If we aren’t eating certain foods to support the bacteria which aids in the production of these very important hormones then we can be really off of our rockers.

So many diseases from high blood pressure, to diabetes, even depression and anxiety can be linked to the overly processed foods and high fructose drinks that we consume on a daily basis.

Not to mention it’s hard to fight off cravings once you have had one bad thing. Am I lying? No! Eat a burger one time and watch you will be craving burgers every day with fries and a vanilla shake! Why? Because it’s not you craving it but the bacteria in your gut sending signals to your brain to bring more of it’s burger germ buddies on in to play!

Crazy huh? But it’s true!

Try it out and see. For one week eat nothing but salads and fruits and see how after awhile it becomes a little bit easier to adhere to this adjustment. That’s because that’s whats being introduced. The good bacteria is thriving. The more foods you eat to support them, the more they will thrive.

You will begin to feel good. Lighter even, glowing, and full of energy.

I tell my clients often that the herbal way is a lifelong commitment. It takes consistency, dedication, honesty, and discipline in order to see results from herbs.

What you eat, drink, how you handle stress, all of those things are important factors to our overall health and wellness.

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Take your power back over your cravings, your mood, and your health in 2023.

You deserve it.

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