Vegetarian Spaghetti Squash Medley

Vegetarian Spaghetti Squash Medley! Listen you want to make this ASAP!

So, I told my Husband that I wanted to try out spaghetti squash and he was like, LET’S DO IT!!!!

I went on the hunt to find one. And the only spot I found it at was at Hyvee for about $6. Best $6 I spent. Cause when I say this meal is phenomenal and under $20! So, stop believing the hype that eating healthy cost an arm and a leg. It doesn’t at all!

I got most of the veggies at hyvee and the only animal by product is the cheese.

The meal took about an hour to complete which isn’t that bad. The longest thing to cook was the spaghetti squash which takes about 40 minutes to be prepared.

The only thing I was not warned about when it comes to spaghetti squash is how hard it is to cut. It was a STRUGGLE I’m not lying. I had to use two butcher knives. I clearly need to get on youtube and find a easy way to cut it open. The struggle was REAL.

I’m not even going to hold you all long, I hate those long ass recipe blogs I be reading and I typically just scroll to why I’m there to begin with so without further ado, here ya go!


1 Spaghetti Squash

Olive Oil

Bell Peppers of every color

Fresh Garlic (I used 1 whole garlic and cut it up. That’s about 3 tablespoons. I love fresh garlic!)

1 onion

2 packs of Grape Tomatoes

Zucchinni (I know you’re thinking, isn’t that another squash. It is but it’s ok! You can bring it to this party anyway!)

Seasonings: Just allow your ancestors to guide you on how much to season but I use: Black Pepper, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Italian Seasoning (my own little blend of herbs), & Tony Chachere’s No Salt Creole Seasoning Blend (you can go crazy with this one y’all! ZERO SODIUM).

Aldi’s Happy Farms Italian Blend Shredded Cheese

A Bowl to make a olive oil seasoning spread.

Cookie Pan (Isn’t that what’s that’s called or baking pan. Ya’ll know what I’m talking about stay with me.)


  1. Heat your oven to 400*.
  2. Cut in half (whew chile the struggle) your spaghettie squash and gut it out. It’ll have seeds in it so take all that mess out until it’s like plain jane in the center.
  3. In a bowl, combine olive oil and all your seasonings. Measure your seasonings yourselves I let my flick of the wrist and ancestors guide me!
  4. Take a brush and spread the oil and seasonings all in the insides of the squash. Coat all of the insides of it evenly.
  5. Place the halves of the squash on a baking pan hollowed out insides down. I hope that makes sense. Lol it sounds good to me I’m going to keep going.
  6. Let this cook for 40 minutes. Just leave it alone and let it cook. Grab your sauce pan and meet me on top of the stove.
  7. In a sauce pain add some olive oil, cut garlic, and diced onions and let it sauté.
  8. Add in the two packs of tomatoes and green peppers and let it all cook down for about 10 minutes with the lid on until the tomatoes have released their juices. Season the sauce to your liking. Stir often.
  9. At the 10 minute mark add in your zucchini and allow it to cook for about 4 minutes or until the zucchini is at the desired tenderness for you. I don’t like mine soggy like okra. Nasty. I like a tad bit of a crunch with it. Once the sauce is finished remove it from the heat and let sit.
  10. Once the squash are ready and removed from the oven, take a fork and pull back. I can not or the life of me figure out how to describe this so I found a youtube video to help you out.
How to make spaghetti squash. And I’m glad she warned ya’ll cause I didn’t get this damn warning until I began cutting them….damn it.

11. After you have pulled the spaghetti out off the squash add in your sauce.

12. After you have put as much of the sauce on it add a layer of the cheese on top. For extra, I like to sprinkle a little more italian seasoning on there. Festive.

13. Put the pan back in the oven and let it cook for 10 minutes or until the cheese has melted.

14. Remove from oven, sit, then enjoy!

Let me know how you enjoy it!!!! When I say it is DELICIOUS it is an UNDERSTATEMENT!!!!! This dish is so damn BOMB!!!!!

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