This photo has gone under fire and I’m just simply WOWED by the ignorance and hate of two black men embracing one another. People need love and a hug.

I think it’s a very dangerous slope to fall on with this “agenda” argument.

It’s also very disheartening to the LGBTQIA community to talk about it so openly and often.

It’s a very cringe worthy thing to do proudly say anytime someone does something that’s questionable to YOUR standards of what Black Men should or shouldn’t be doing.

It’s very disheartening.

Black men can’t blink without folks questioning their sexuality just because they don’t move a certain way. Just because they dress differently.

Have you all seen what they wore in the 60’s and 70’s is what I say when everyone was saying Jonathan Majors photo spread was “questionable”.

Do you all ever stop and think how your statuses could affect someone who is PROUD AND LOUD about their sexuality?

Isn’t it off that Black Men being gay is STILL in this day and age so damn taboo? That’s weird to me. Especially coming from our community.

Y’all STILL not acceptive of Black Men BEING.

Complain about the darndest things they do but will laugh on TOXIC MASCULINITY POST AND EXAMPLES OF MEN WHO DISPLAY TOXIC MASCULINITY that is THREATENING to Black Women.

That’s the real THREAT.

I guess I’m just at a place where I’m even checking myself.

A lot of these men are just WEAK. And I’m talking about the heterosexual ones who always have so much to say about Black Women, who are on the DL, and etc. They are WEAK to begin with because they are projecting whatever it is that has them inflicted on innocent people.

Being gay isn’t a trait or sign of being weak.

We need to stop saying they must be, “GAY”, just because they are constantly being the B WORD or deceptive and just call them what they are, WEAK.

To sit and keep comparing them to a sexuality really isn’t cool. And this is me checking myself because I’ve said or implied it at times.

“You know why he act like that……”

Now granted, I’ve been right from time to time, but the nature of the comeback still implies that a weak man must be a gay man and that’s not cool.

I know a ton of strong black men who are gay. Matter of fact ALL of the gay black men I know are STRONG, DISCIPLINED, SUCCESSFUL, and AUTHENTIC.

These weak dudes couldn’t walk a mile in their shoes.

I just think we need to be more mindful in how we react to weak black men. Just label them weak. Stop questioning their sexuality because to do that is really insulting to black men who are changemakers within the LGBTQIA community. Black men who are still fighting this battle against them LIVING THEIR TRUTH AND IN THEIR AUTHENTICITY.

Who they choose to love should not continuously be under siege.

I think Black Men who are B A L A N C E D are going to FOREVER RUB TOXIC BLACK MEN WRONG!

Let’s have a healthy conversation as to WHY there are so many children books, television shows, and cartoons now creating safe and respectable characters that show the many representations of how “love” can be portrayed.

It’s that way now because when we were children being gay was HIDDEN and SECRETIVE not out of respect for heterosexual eyes but out of FEAR of persecution and hate.

They hid their sexuality because they were AFRAID.

There is no GAY AGENDA people are just tired of not being able to BE who the hell they are due to societies ignorance when it comes to homosexuality.

I can’t even recall how many of my black male gay friends in highschool that came so close to committing suicide due to constant bullying from their peers.

So I’m just going to tell you now don’t ever come talking to me about gay agenda shit again. It makes me cringe and out of respect I sit silent as y’all talk about it but that shit has to stop.

If anything we as children would have BENEFITTED A LOT from healthier dialogues about Gay Men and Women and their rights to be instead we were fed so much toxic masculinity when it came to not only gay people but even how we view ourselves as women.


I’m over it!

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